Elite Tech Engineering Discusses Why Outsourcing The Building of Jigs and Fixtures Makes The Most Sense

Whether designing a jig or fixture for drilling, part removal, turning, grinding or any other machining operations, the ability to duplicate the quality, effectiveness, and accuracy of the finished product with the same geometrical attributes is tricky.

SHUN LI, SINGAPORE, June 9, 2014, It is rare that any tooling or material holding device will last forever. Elite Tech Engineering explains that jigs and fixtures are no exception to this rule. These devices can be quite complex, and should be made to exact tolerances by professional engineers. This is because tiny tolerances inherent in the design must be replicated exactly in order to maintain the design standards, and not halt the production line. In many cases, when a fixture or jig breaks, it will be entirely unexpected, and there will be a need to act fast to keep it from impacting production.

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It’s often better to outsource jig and fixture replacements to a supplier whose core competencies are in this area. They can be supplied with the fixture and tooling design documentation, and they can manufacture the initial design and walk it all the way to the final step specified. That way, the manufacturer can concentrate on their mainline production. The supplier can then keep up with the parts that are needed to manufacture the tools and supply them when they’re finished.

If there are no formal or well-documented tooling designs present at the start of the outsourcing project, one can often work with a business that specializes in reverse engineering, such as Elite Tech Engineering. They can put their mechanical engineering services to work to understand the purpose of the tool, and to conduct time-consuming research needed to identify and obtain equivalent parts needed to replace the parts in the tool.

This is one industrial design firm that can work with existing drawings furnished by the client, or they can generate new drawings through their CAD drafting services. Prototype Drawings bring life to the client’s designs. Very often, and old part can be updated and improved delivering increased performance, and with it more efficient production capabilities.

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