Dr. Oz Releases Endorsement of Green Coffee Bean Extract For Weight Loss

Dr. Oz states: “The antioxidants in Green Coffee Bean Extract melt your fat away.”
Dr. Oz was so fascinated by Green Coffee Bean Extract that he conducted his own study.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, June 10, 2014 – Dr. Oz wanted to conduct his own study on Green Coffee Bean Extract to see if other studies were correct. He wanted to have complete control so that he could stand behind the results, whether good or bad. It was the largest project of its kind ever performed on the Dr. Oz TV Health Show, and involved 100 members of his TV audience. The subject were healthy females in the 35-49 age group. He divided them into two groups, one group received a Placebo, and the other the real thing. This was a true Double Blind Study because none of the participants knew which group they were in.

Omega Soul Research wanted to share the results of this study with everybody. The group that received Green Coffee Bean Extract lost an average of 2 pounds in two weeks, without altering their diet. Imagine how much weight could have been lost if they changed their diet and did some exercise. Dr. Oz stated that: “The antioxidants in Green Coffee Bean Extract melt your fat away”. This is a very significant statement coming from a noted physician like Dr. Oz. He also noted that there are products on the market that should not be purchased. Only labels that show at least 45% Chlorogenic acid content should be purchased. And the label should read: “GCA”, or “SVETOL”.

Omega Soul’s Green Coffee Bean Extract Formula that hit the Amazon store shelves recently has 50% of this vital chlorogenic acid, which is the active ingredient.

Omega Soul Research has appointed Amazon as exclusive Worldwide distributor for their new formula. There is some confusion about exactly what does this compound do that is so great for weight loss? Researchers and Scientists are convinced that Green Coffee Bean Extract retards the actions of a group of enzymes called glucose-6-phosphatase. These enzymes are responsible for releasing Glucose stored in the liver, which then circulates throughout the body. By inhibiting those enzymes, the body is forced to obtain the Glucose it needs for energy direct from fatty tissue instead of the liver, thus starting a cascade of events that lead to weight loss. There is also scientific speculation that this extract lowers absorption of fat and glucose in the intestine, and lowers insulin levels which encourage improved metabolic activities.

Omega Soul Research noted that the researchers utilized a standardized extract from green coffee beans called “GCA”, which is the same form used in their new formula. Quality is assured by making sure that all of the raw ingredients used in Omega Soul’s products are tested to be 100% Pure by HPLC Testing. No doubt this product will be chosen for future clinical studies.

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