Free Bets: Groundbreaking Guide to Exploiting Bookies’ Bonuses Published By Chris James

free bets
Free Bets: The complete guide to exploiting bookmaker free bet offers is a new book written by author Christopher James that explains how to turn bookmakers’ honey traps into real financial gains.

Bookies have many ways of tempting punters to risk more than they should, and have made a lot of money by doing so. Claiming freedom of choice as a cover, they try almost anything to incentivise individuals to undertake the risky and addictive activity. With Christopher James’ new e-book however, gambling need no longer be that much of a gamble. The book systematically explains how to exploit free bets without being caught in the bookie’s trap, and turn the tables in their favor to make real money quickly and easily.

The book is available exclusively through Amazon, in print and electronic form, and answers all the basic questions about matched betting that many who practice it have never thought to ask. It’s a jargon-busting exposé on the tricks of terms and conditions, a step by step plan for claiming free money, a guide to the appropriate tools to use and how to avoid the traps bookies set for gamblers. 

Using this information, it’s possible to make money from nothing more than a small initial deposit, using free bets to do so. The book even comes with six months free subscription to Free Bet Calculator, a website that helps in finding and exploiting the best free bets currently available.

A spokesperson for Free Bets explained, “We are thrilled the book has already received such positive reviews from early adopters, and we hope more people will take up the opportunity to take advantage of bookies’ generosity to line their own pockets using this amazing guide. Free Bets offer a unique opportunity because they are risk free – losing doesn’t lose people any real money. At the same time, careful use of free bets can yield far greater dividends, and the book helps people understand and interpret risk, liability, payoff and other key variables to make the most money they can.”

About Free Bets:

Christopher James is a self-published author with previous successes on Kindle and now in hardcopy. This new “Free Bets” book came about after searching extensively for ways to totally prevent losing money to the bookies, and is the fruit of much research and experimentation to find the best ways to make money risk free. For more information please visit:

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