The University Victor Segalen Bordeaux In France Publishes Study Confirming Findings That Green Coffee Bean Extract Blocks The Fat Forming Enzymes In The Liver

Dr. Oz stated: “The antioxidants in Green Coffee Bean Extract melt your fat away.”
This study was to examine the efficacy of Chlorogenic Acid, the active ingredient in Green Coffee Bean Extract, in blocking the actions of a group of enzymes in the liver called Glucose-6-phosphatase.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, June 13, 2014. In an interesting study performed in France, it was determined that the active ingredient in Green Coffee Bean Extract, called Chlorogenic Acid, does indeed have the power to block the group of enzymes in the liver that are responsible for turning Carbs into Fat Cells. The study showed a “Significant mediating effect” on the Glucose-6-phosphatase group of enzymes. By blocking these enzymes, the body is forced to derive the Glucose it needs for energy direct from fatty tissue instead of the liver, thus inducing a chain of events that results in a loss of weight. Green Coffee Bean Extract is quickly becoming one of the most “Studied” compounds in the nutritional industry.

Obesity is at epidemic proportions in the USA, and indeed Worldwide. Scientists and researchers are constantly seeking ways to mediate the bodies conversion of carbs into fat cells. Everyone agrees that it would be far better to use a naturally occurring substance as opposed to a prescription drug with its side effects that can cause organ damage. Even Dr. Oz, of the #1 TV Health Show, wanted to get involved with the research on GCBE, in fact, he was so fascinated by this compound that he conducted his own research-study using one-hundred members of his studio audience. In his Double Blind Study, the subjects were healthy females in the 35-49 age group. Dr. Oz divided them into two groups, one group received a Placebo, and the other received the extract.

After the results were in, Dr. Oz stated: “The antioxidants in Green Coffee Bean Extract melt your fat away”. He also issued a Warning: There are products on the market that should not be purchased. Only labels that show at least 45% Chlorogenic acid content should be purchased, and the label should read: “GCA”, or “SVETOL”. Without any lifestyle changes, the group that received Green Coffee Bean Extract lost an average of two pounds in two weeks. Most of the Green Coffee Bean Extract on the market contain 45% Chlorogenic Acid. Omega Soul’s Green Coffee Bean Extract Formula contains 50% Chlorogenic acid. Amazon has been appointed exclusive International Distributor for their new formula.

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