Mobi Kitchi is a Necessity for Outdoorsmen and Cooks

As one of the finest mobile kitchen packs on the market, Mobi Kitchi has struck a chord with campers and picnickers around the world.  This outstanding portable kit holds a number of kitchen essentials like cutting board, knives, silverware, corkscrew, seasoning shakers, graters and toothpicks. The deluxe version of Mobi Kitchi even includes a checker board and game pieces. This clever product allows hikers and campers to easily and safely transport the most important food preparation items in one handy carrying case.

The Mobi Kitchi is lovingly handcrafted from the finest materials.  The solid structure comes from a single piece of Butcher Block, so each Mobi Kitchi promises lasting durability in even the most rugged conditions. Each Mobi Kitchi is only 3.3 pounds in weight and is compact enough to easily fit into a backpack. Unlike many of its competitors, Mobi Kitchi is produced to exacting standards by a master craftsman. This outstanding product has quickly become a necessity for serious outdoorsmen who require a clean, tough surface for cutting and preparing meals. 

The creators of Mobi Kitchi are Y-Designers who are in the second phase of their Kickstarter campaign. After quickly reaching their initial crowdfunding campaign goal which allowed them to make a limited number of mobile kitchens, they decided to increase their financial goal so that they could share this exciting product with more eager consumers. They are currently seeking $4,000 in contributions by June 21, 2014.  Financial backers who contribute to the campaign can receive a variety of rewards including a Mobi Kitchi, deluxe editions, cutlery, and personalization.  If the campaign goal is attained, Mobi Kitchi should become available in August or September of this year. To learn more about Mobi Kitchi or make a financial contribution, please visit

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