Rabbi Shlomo Braun, Founder and Director of Aleh Foundation, who has been a close admirer of the Tosher Rebbe recently visited Boisbriand, Quebec to visit and spend a couple of days with the world renown Tosher Rebbe, the most renowned in the Hassidic wourld as the Holy Spiritual Leader.  Having survived World War II, the rebbe believed that he was destined to immigrate to Canada to establish a separate religious community.  He arrived in Montreal in 1951.  The enclave in Boiabriand was established in 1963. Yaakov Braun, of blessed memory (Rabbi Braun’s father) came to admire the rebbe’s holiness while spending time together in Munko Tabor,where Jews were inducted into in the forced labor battalions. Rabbi Braun developed his admiration and relationship with the Rebbe 50 years ago while being one of the first students of the Yeshiva and has continued his relationship ever since.

At the helm of the Tasher Hassidic sect is its octogenarian rebbe, Meshulim Feish (Ferencz) Lowy. He was born in Hungary in 1921, the son of a Rabbi in the Hungarian town of Demetch who was known as the Demetcher rov (Rabbi).  His grandfather, Elimelech, served as a rabbi near the Czech border, in the town of Nirtash, from which the sect derives its name.  So impressed was the grandfather of his grandson, according to one Hassid, that he said: “This little boy will be something, a very great tzaddik (righteous person) in his time.” A Hassid remarks: “And this little grandson was always with his grandfather. And he saw always how his grandfather was the rebbe, how he’s taking care of people, and helping people…

Tosh has become a tourist place of holiness. Countless of people from the Unites States, and people from all parts of the globe  come to Tosh in Boisbrian every Sabbath to be with the rebbe.

The above photo is seen where Rabbi Braun is extending a list of distinguished donors from the Aleh Foundation to receive special blessings from the Grand Rabbi.

The Grand Rabbi was alert and most pleased to hear a detailed report of the outstanding work done by Aleh Foundation for the special children in Israel. The Rabbi extended warmest prayers to continue for many years with much success.

Aleh Foundation is located at 5317 13th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11219 and recently celebrated their 30th Anniversity Gala Dinner. Visit or call 800-317-ALEH.

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