CigElectric Stocks New iTaste MVP E-Cigarette 2.0 To Offer Unparalleled Usage Capacity

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CigElectric have announced they now stock the iTaste MVP 2.0 which comes with a variable voltage charge pack ideal for heavy users that can even charge a range of other devices.

E cigarette UK popularity has exploded over the last few years. Ever since the public smoking ban, smokers have felt increasingly ostracized from society, having to huddle together outdoors in order to enjoy a cigarette. Now, e-cigarettes offer a water-vapour based solution that removes the smoke and tar from the equation, allowing smokers to enjoy a cleaner nicotine hit that can be enjoyed indoors. CigElectric is an online store specializing in offering electronic cigarettes to the UK public, and now stocks the iTaste MVP 2.0, the most advanced e-cig to date.

The iTaste MVP 2.0 is specially designed for heavy users and enthusiasts, and the starter kit comes with the charge pack itself, two iClear dual coil clearomizers and a host of other accessories which enable the charge pack to be used not only for charging any CigElectric e-cigarette but also for a host of other devices including mobile phones and MP3 players.

The accessory is the latest in a long line, including a huge range of different flavoured e-liquids, atomizers, cartomizers and clearomizers designed to give users the most possible choice from a range of approved, high quality items.

A spokesperson for CigElectric explained, “E cigarettes replicate the ritual of smoking without the use of smoke, and can be a great way for people to transition away from traditional smoking in order to quit, or simply enjoy the experience of smoking without the need to go outside or stand by the window all the time. Our newly stocked iTaste is a powerful piece of equipment that can ensure people always have the power they need when they want to use atomizers, clearomizers or cartomizers, and our starter kit bundles it together with everything someone would need to transition off cigarettes for good. With some of the most revolutionary e-cigarettes solutions now in stock, it’s the best time to make the move.”

About CigElectric:

CigElectric has been in business for over a year now, and prides itself on selling only the highest quality electronic cigarettes, e-liquid and accessories while offering competitive prices, great customer service and after sales care. E cigarettes can help users transition away from combustible cigarettes, helping smokers quit them all together. For more information please visit:

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