SomeWhen – Unique Show that Adds an Epic Twist to Time Travel

Creators Launch IndieGoGo Campaign to Complete Filming of Pilot

Calgary, Alberta, Canada – March 16, 2015 – New time travel show that incorporates the latest technology, SomeWhen, has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help them fund production cost to complete the shows pilot. The goal is to raise $24,000 CAD by April 14th, 2015.  

Neil Enock, show creator, has years of experience working in film in various shows such as Interstellar, Hell on Wheels, and Diablo. He has gathered together talented actors and crew to develop a compelling TV show that follows three men, Matt, Tom, and Hank, on their journey to landing a lead role in a major film. The characters have spent years being “extras” and have become frustrated with just being part of the background. 

Matt, the genius in the group, invents a time machine. They develop a plan to go back in time and film themselves acting in different periods. The footage will be put together for a demo reel that will secure them strong future roles. Of course, one change in the past alters their present universe forever.  Audiences will be taken on an incredible journey as things begin to change drastically and dangerously as the three men try to find their way back to their present! 

The talented team of SomeWhen is dedicated to creating a science fiction / comedy / slightly Steampunk show for people of all ages to enjoy. Plans for future episodes include engaging the audience to choose locations and time periods. However, they first need help finishing launch the pilot episode. 

Funding from the campaign will go towards production cost. Extra money raised will be used to film even more of the series. The plan is to complete filming of the pilot and begin distribution by Summer 2015. 

To make a contribution and choose from the many unique rewards – both from the future and from the past – please visit the IndieGoGo campaign or click here

A donation of any amount matters! For those who cannot give, but still wish to give support, they can share this on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. The more exposure will get them closer to bringing an epic show for viewers to enjoy!

Media Contact
Company Name: iTinkr Studios
Contact Person: Paul Fry
Phone: 403-478-1801
Country: Canada