Conversion Fanatics Helps Double Customer Base in 2 Months

Austin TX: Online conversion optimization company, Conversion Fanatics, has helped monthly sweet delivery company double their customer base over the last two months with strategic marketing initiatives.

To accomplish this, Conversion Fanatics helped fine tune the marketing elements such as getting in touch with a broader audience and streamlining the visitor experience on their site, resulting in the massive growth.

“As someone with quite a sweet tooth myself, it was very exciting to be able to apply our expertise to share such an amazing service with others that enjoy sweet treats,” said Justin Christianson, President of Conversion Fanatics.

With the growing trend of monthly delivery services and being one of the only ones with the focus on bringing notice to relatively unknown confectioner treats at an affordable price, it is no surprise they have experienced such growth.

Conversion Fanatics has been helping businesses ranging from startups to well established companies get more out of their online marketing efforts, through what they call strategic optimization, for years.

“Conversion Fanatics brings a unique approach to marketing and stop at nothing to get results. They do the majority of the heavy lifting so we can focus on running our company and not have to worry about how well our marketing is performing,” says Keith Hoelzeman, Co-Founder of

Matt Dale, CEO of Snap Brands says, “Working with Conversion Fanatics has proved to be one of the best decisions I have made for my company. We are growing like never before. On top of the growth we are able to acquire customers for a fraction of what we were before which allows us to not only grow, but provide a better customer experience and product.”

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