IES Diagnostics, Inc. Identifies The Body’s Unique Immune Response To Lupus, Allowing Development of First Clinical Diagnostic Test

Crowdfunding campaign launched to expedite development
of diagnostic tool for this elusive autoimmune disease

Wayne, PA — IES Diagnostics, Inc. has identified the body’s unique, specific immune response (immune signature) for systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus), a chronic autoimmune disease affecting more than five million people. With this knowledge, IES plans to develop the first clinical diagnostic test for lupus.

To help accelerate development of this breakthrough lupus test, IES Diagnostics has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo ( The company seeks to raise funds necessary for clinical development, including expanded blood sample collection/testing and various quality measures required to seek regulatory approval of a new diagnostic test.

Lupus is particularly difficult to diagnose because its symptoms, including joint pain, inflammation, organ and tissue damage, mimic those of other diseases. Without a specific test for lupus, patients suffering from debilitating symptoms must wait for other conditions to be ruled out with numerous tests before they are diagnosed. This often takes three to five years. During this period, the disease causes often irreversible damage to the body. Diagnosing lupus earlier allows earlier treatment, limiting organ damage and improving quality of life.

IES Diagnostics’ lupus test identifies the body’s earliest response to disease: interferons (IFNs), or “first responder” proteins that cells produce immediately after infection. Any disease or virus that triggers an immune response has its own unique combination of interferons (called an interferon signature). Normally, the IFNs reset after the infection is controlled. However, in chronic diseases like lupus, the IFN signal stays on, producing excessive immune responses and inflammation. IES Diagnostics’ lupus IFN signature test has the potential to diagnose lupus specifically and accurately. This is something that is not currently possible without batteries of tests to rule out other conditions before making a lupus diagnosis.

“With our lupus test, people won’t have to go through unnecessary and excessive testing, misdiagnosis, and unnecessary or delayed treatment,” explains Ronald Jubin, PhD, founder and president of IES Diagnostics, Inc. “The ability to accurately detect lupus allows earlier and better treatment. We also believe our immune-based technology can lead to new lupus treatments and therapies.”

IES Diagnostics’ interferon-based technology was developed at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is licensed exclusively to IES Diagnostics by the National Institute of Health (NIH).

IES Diagnostics, Inc. is a molecular diagnostics company in the United States working at the forefront of companion diagnostics and personalized medicine. Its proprietary assay is the first and only test capable of detecting and quantifying all of the unique Interferon signatures for any disease or virus with an Interferon reaction. Interferon-associated diseases include viral infections, auto-immune diseases (such as Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, among many others) and cancers. With IES Diagnostics’ Interferon signature assay, science and medicine have a sensitive, accurate tool to detect and diagnose disease and infection earlier. These signatures also provide disease-specific knowledge that can lead to targeted, effective treatment options with fewer side effects.

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