Premium Line of Athletic Wear, DJ Bennett, Plans Expansion into International Markets

As one of the leading powerhouses in the luxury athletic merchandise industry, DJ Bennett has made an impressive impression in its relatively short existence. In just 28 months, DJ Bennett has generated almost $3 million from 13,000 orders, which averaged $145.69. Based on this performance, DJ Bennett expects to produce almost $100 million within its first six years, with a profit margin potential of 90%. This outsized growth is largely attributable to aggressive market expansion into the burgeoning Asian markets of China and Japan.

DJ Bennett is the umbrella organization for many of the world’s most recognized brands and their sports related merchandise including Rolex, Ariat, Belstaff, Fred Perry, and Beretta. These luxury athletic goods cater to many of the world’s premier sporting activities like golf, skiing, tennis, yachting, surfing, and horseback riding. These brands and lines are rigorously examined and curated, helping make the DJ Bennett name synonymous with top of the line quality, luxury, aesthetic appeal and performance enhancement.

In the coming months, DJ Bennett will launch on Alibaba in China as well as upgrade its current ecommerce operations on Amazon and other American online outlets. This expansion in domestic and international markets will better enable the company to meet skyrocketing consumer demand and capture market share. This increased performance has been integrated with diminishing operational costs, further augmenting profitability both here and abroad.

DJ Bennett is currently inviting the public to join it in the next stage of its historic expansion. The company has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $500,000 in funds. Backers will not only be able to participate in a momentous new chapter in the sporting goods industry, but can also receive valuable perks like DJ Bennett vintage suitcases, gift certificates, or a dinner with Dawn Bennett.

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