Non Traditional Lender Helps Small Businesses Secure Working Capital With None of the Hassle of Bank Loans

For today’s entrepreneurs and small business owners, capital is the elephant in the room – it’s necessary for growth, but discouragingly difficult to obtain for the majority of applicants.

Jade Funding, a new player in the business lending space, aims to rewrite the book on how small business lending is done.

“Getting a small business loan or cash advance has always been tough, but post-Great Recession it’s possibly even tougher,” commented Jade Funding Founder Jeremy Duboys. “Lengthy applications, credit checks, low approval rates and cumbersome repayment terms all combine to make an unfriendly experience. We’re changing all that, starting with our no-hassle, no-obligation application process.”

Jade Funding has engineered a business model that beats traditional lending hands down. First, rather than stacks of paperwork to mail or fax, the free online application is just a handful of questions on a single page. An approval decision via email or phone is typically reached within a few days. About 80% of applicants are approved. Jade Funding looks at the health and potential of a business when making approvals, not credit scores.

Loan repayment is sales-based – meaning no fixed monthly payments to stress over. Better yet, Jade Funding will never place restrictions on how applicants use their funds. From expanding into a new market to funding a product launch, everything is possible when funding problems cease to haunt an organization.

Jade Funding coordinates with reputable lenders to advance funds to approved applicants. A small percentage of credit card receivables are then deducted to pay back the advance. Solutions can even be tailored to specific needs and goals.

Business owners who want a simple, worry-free process, rapid approval and no hidden fees are encouraged to fill out an application with Jade Funding today. There’s no obligation – and nothing to lose.

About Jade Funding

Launched in 2015, Jade Funding offers small businesses a viable alternative to SBA and bank loans. The company’s easy and fast approval process ensures applicants receive their funds in days, not weeks, empowering them to get back to business.

Media Contact
Company Name: Jade Funding
Contact Person: Jeremy Duboys
Phone: +1 (470) 344-5233
Country: United States