Natural Stride Joint Supplement: Four-Footed Pain Relief

Natural Solutions for Life, the company known for National Stride, one of the best-selling joint supplements for livestock & equine animals, also manufactures an all-natural product for dogs. If you believe that your pet or your livestock deserves the best, trust Natural Solution for Life pain relief to restore their quality of life.

You can remember when stairs were no obstacle, when getting up from your bed or out of the car was effortless. If you’re feeling the aches and pains of age, you can imagine how sore joints and arthritis are affecting animals. You might be walking on two don’t-move-like-they-used-to legs, but for the four-footed among us, twice the legs mean double the pain. Natural Solutions for Life, makers of Natural Stride joint supplement for dogs, livestock and your equine friends, offers an all-natural option for animal joint health. The ingredient Cetyl Myristoleate, a key component of all Natural Stride products, is a pain reliever, an immune system modulator, and an anti-inflammatory. The product is safe, natural, and it works! 

Testimonials from satisfied customers who’ve seen the improvement in their livestock and dogs rave  about Natural Stride. A dog owner in Texas credits Natural Stride with relieving his 10-year old retriever’s severe arthritis within ten days. “Can’t say enough good stuff about Natural Stride for Dogs,” says Bo’s owner, who no longer has to lift his dog into the truck: Bo can get in on his own.  A Florida greyhound owner feared that the only solution for her 12-year old pet’s pain was to put him to sleep because nothing eased his suffering. Nothing, that is, until Natural Stride for Dogs; after just more than a week, her dog is able to make it up and down the three steps it takes to get in and out of the house. 

Natural Stride for Livestock, one the best-selling joint supplement for livestock, is a vital part of the feeding program for the champion show cattle of Troy Jones, who says, “We use and recommend it as both a preventative and to alleviate problems such as joint stiffness and ankle poppers.” Champion livestock who wound up in the Winner’s Circle made a believer of Matt Goings, who credits Natural Stride for the softer flex to his hogs’ hocks and pasterns. 

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The family-owned company achieved its success by manufacturing high-quality products in their cGMP- and FDA-registered facilities in the United States. For Dave Guyer, the owner and CEO of Natural Solutions for Life, customer satisfaction means providing unrivaled joint pain relief for animals and making a difference in the physical well-being of dogs, livestock and equine animals.

Give a salute to Natural Stride for helping retired veterans—the four-legged ones—feel better. The United States War Dogs Association Inc. has a special reason to appreciate the effectiveness of Natural Stride. With 3200 canines in service in the nation’s armed forces, the rigors of aging make their presence known in the lives and limbs of those dogs who serve. Natural Solutions for Life’s donation of 288 60-day supplies of the joint supplement, worth over $10,000, worked on our nation’s finest canines, and it’ll work on your animals.

Natural Stride can’t turn back the clock to make your animals young again, but it can make the time pain-free.

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About Natural Solutions for Life

Dave Guyer, founder and CEO of Natural Solutions for Life heads up a family-owned company that believes in providing its customers with the highest quality products available. The company’s Natural Stride brand is an all-natural joint supplement product for dogs, livestock and equine animals. Customer testimonials affirm that Natural Stride gives animals relief from the debilitating pain of arthritis, reduces the dosage of medications and restores quality of life for pets, horses, and cattle. With a staff that’s committed to providing the best customer service possible, and a product that delivers on its promises, the company is proud to provide one of the best-selling joint supplements for livestock available. Questions? Call 855-499-NSFL (6735) for the answers that ease joint pain for your dogs and livestock or visit

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