Marketing Consultant And Home-Business Expert Jerry Koh Reaches No. 1 on Amazon Bestseller List

Jerry Koh’s recently released book The Art & Science Of Money Making Websites: Discover 7 Website Marketing Secrets has hit #1 for three different categories on Amazon’s bestseller list.

Marketing Consultant & Home-Business Expert, Jerry Koh, shares his top seven website marketing secrets in his new book, “The Art & Science Of Money Making Websites.”

The book officially launched on February, 5, 2015 and secured the rank of #1 Bestseller status in three categories on the day of release.

Dominating the three categories of Web Graphics, Small Business Advertising and Global Marketing was a special win for Koh because the successful book launch solidified his position in the marketplace.

At the top of Amazon’s bestseller section, Koh’s book beat out industry-favorite titles such as No B.S. Direct Marketing by Dan Kennedy and Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson validating Ong’s hard work, commitment to process and expert position within the industry.

The Art & Science Of Money Making Websites aims to provide offline business owners with unique and lesser known tips and strategies to increase their bottom-line profit, visibility in the marketplace and optimize their business to get more leads and sales.

Unlike other marketing, advertising or business growth books, Koh’s book is geared more towards an insiders conversation instead of the traditional publication style so readers can have an engaging experience instead of just reading another book.

The book is divided into three main sections.

The first section shares the hypnotic secrets of a profit pulling website so business owners can understand the marketing principles required to get browsers to buy.

The second section gives advice on how to unlock the secret world of internet stalking that can be used for fun and profit so prospects and customers can be continually marketed to while enjoying the process.

The third section provides a unique perspective on the secret shame of every traffic generation tactic and how to avoid this mistake so the business owner can be confident that their marketing dollars are not being wasted on advertising that doesn’t work.

When talking about why he believes this book is unique, Koh states, “Entrepreneurs must first realize the essence of their business is in fact a marketing business; regardless of what services and products they are offering. I help them make this clarification.”

As a result of the success of The Art & Science Of Money Making Websites, Koh’s reputation has been cemented as a leading authority in the fields of home-business growth, marketing and brand development.

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