Historic Pen Company Crafts Beautiful Writing Instruments from Salvaged Materials from America’s Most Beloved Historical Sites

The United States boasts one of the richest and most important historical traditions of any nation in the world. As the birthplace of freedom and democracy, America is home to many unique historical sites which continue to have a special place in the hearts of Americans today.  Sites like Independence Hall have a hallowed significance in world history, but like all structures, they must undergo periodic maintenance and rehabilitation.  When this occurs, much of the original materials are discarded without regard to their historic value.

Historic Pen Company was founded to repurpose these materials into lasting heirlooms and collectibles that can be handed down generation after generation with the respect and veneration they deserve. These handsome writing instruments and cuff links are lovingly handcrafted using precious or semiprecious metal and wood from the original structure of historic buildings and sites. Historic Pen Company recently acquired the wood from Independence Hall that had been removed and stored since 1898 and is converted that Witness Wood® into handsome pens and cuff links which will not only add sophistication to an office or outfit, but will allow families to possess a personal piece of American history.

Historic Pen Company is proud to offer its newest line of Witness Wood® pens and cuff links, as well as many other fine products to supporters of its Kickstarter campaign. Many of these limited editions pens are created using silver, pewter, antique brass or 18K gold in addition to handcrafted Independence Hall wood. These finely crafted pens ship in pine or cherry wood engraved presentation boxes. These products come from repurposed wood or other historic materials that might otherwise have been lost, and are exactingly crafted by Master Artisans who pay these priceless materials the respect they deserve. 

In order to make these products available to the public, Historic Pen Company has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  If the goal of $10,500 is reached, then the company will be able to move forward with offering these pens to the general public. Backers can receive these products in advance of the public and at a steep discount. These Independence Hall Witness Wood® products include: Limited Edition History Cards, Handcrafted Single Barrel Twist Ballpoint Pens, Stainless Steel Rollerball pens, Solid Sterling Silver Cuff Links, Solid Sterling Silver Handcrafted Twist Ballpoint Pens, 13 Colonies Solid Silver Rollerballs, Independence Hall Fountain Pen Collection and Independence Hall Gold Cuff Links. 

To learn more about these and other products by Historic Pen Company, or to make a financial contribution to this worthy project, please visit http://kck.st/1EJEu6s

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