Elevating Endurance at the National Endurance Sports Summit

Princeton, NJ – June 18th, 2014 – Endurance sports means a lot of things to all people. The launch of the National Endurance Sports Summit (NESS) — taking place September 18-22nd at Princeton University — is committed to ensuring that when people think of endurance sports, they think of social good.

NESS consists of over two-dozen speakers, and growing. Speakers currently include ultrarunner Pam Reed, Pose Method founder Dr. Nicholas Romanov, Total Immersion Swimming founder Terry Laughlin, climber Toby Storie-Pugh, and many more. (See the full list at http://elevateendurance.org/speakers.)

The Summit is an initiative of Team U (http://teamu.org). Team U started three years ago at Princeton University and represents the only intercollegiate fundraising endurance team, dedicated to improving global health and alleviating poverty.

When asked how the idea came up, Team U founder Joe Benun remarked, “Team U has seen the power of endurance sports first-hand. We have mobilized hundreds of students to use half marathons as a platform to raise $40,000 for a children’s hospital in Kenya, under construction by Shoe4Africa.” The team realized there was something missing in the endurance sports space: a weekend featuring the interdisciplinary and social good aspect to endurance sports.

Eitan Sufian, Team U Rutgers Chapter president has been leading the charge with Joe. “We’re excited to launch after months of preparation,” Eitan said. “We have expert-led presentations, panels, clinics, and networking events scheduled for the weekend. All interdisciplinary, and all about ‘elevating endurance’.”

The Summit’s interdisciplinary aspect is integral to the weekend. In the words of Eitan, “what’s truly unique is the cross-pollination between the sports. We’ll have crossfit athletes, cyclists, ultrarunners, mountaineers, triathletes, and many others coming together to learn, connect, and have fun. It expands the current endurance sports network in an incredible way. And all surrounding social good.”

“Elevating endurance” is the theme for the Summit, showcasing the power of endurance sports to make a difference in one’s own life through health and empowerment, in one’s community through building camaraderie and inspiring others, and in the world through fundraising and spreading awareness about important causes.

Ashley Wang, the current Princeton Chapter president, is excited to host the event: “With all the events we organize on campus, it’s great to kick off the year in a big way.” She added, “This is a great way to start a conversation about taking endurance sports to the next level.”

Charlie Fortin, Team U Vice President, sees the weekend as an opportunity to spread the message of elevating endurance nationwide. “Students can return to college equipped and empowered to make a difference on their campus,” he said. “And adults can come back to their communities inspired with fresh ideas, a broader network, and a greater appreciation for endurance sports.”

The National Endurance Sports Summit is an event you do not want to miss. Limited early bird registration recently launched. Head to http://ElevateEndurance.org to learn more and register today.

For more information and any enquiries, contact Joe Benun, Founder, Team U at info@teamu.org, or call (320) 523-6860.

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