Free PDF to Flipbook: The Future of Digital Publishing Leaded by FlipHTML5

FlipHTML5 Software Co., Ltd now leads consumers towards the future of digital publishing – free PDF to flipbook online publishing.

Today’s world of tablets and Smartphone apps has made it very difficult for older platforms to grab consumers the way they used to. Having to download a PDF reader, open that reader, and then scroll down pages feels very dated and cumbersome to the modern consumer. This is why companies like FlipHTLM5 are offering companies the opportunity to transform their PDF documents into interactive flipping eBooks for free using their PDF to flipbook software.

FlipHTML5 is a digital publishing platform that creates not only flipping eBooks, catalogs, and magazines, but also combines this technology with the latest in multimedia expressions like audio, video, and slide shows to create highly interactive and attractive products which engage potential customers and readers and elevates a brand from the pack.

“Now that cell phones are your personal computer many things have to be reevaluated and re-engineered in order to remain relevant to the more technology savvy customers of today,” says Anna Lee, FLIPHTML5 Designer. “No one wants to read PDF files anymore. It’s cumbersome on your phone and why bother reading a PDF file when you can go to Amazon and buy a book that flips clean on your Kindle? PDF files are not next gen. When we started with flipping books they were next gen, now they are becoming standard and we’re looking ahead to multimedia flipping books now to see where that can take us in the future.”

FlipHTML5’s move into multimedia is a good thing for businesses who are still using PDF files because now their base model flipping eBook solution is free to the public. Within minutes a PDF file can be converted into a page flipping eBook that can be read across multiple devices and platforms. No developer teams required. The use simple drops and drags the file and the PDF is converted with a single click. This model allows a company or author to try the product and learn to love it before looking forward into the area of “what’s next”. What’s next could be adding audio files or videos; there are multiple options for enhancements at FlipHTML5. The multimedia solutions are priced affordably for those who wish to take the next step.

Publishing is moving to digital, multimedia, and cross-platform publications. It’s not a matter of “if” but when interactive books become the norm. For those who are still using PDF the time is now to step into the PDF to flipbook solutions provided by FlipHTML5.

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