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UPTIME Original Energy Drink and UPTIME Sugar Free Energy Drink.
Your busy lifestyle can be challenging, and when you need that extra push to keep you performing, UPTIME energy supplements can help you focus, gain mental clarity and increase your stamina. This is more than energy to stay awake. This is energy to excel.

It can strike as an afternoon slump at the office, pre-workout motivation drain, or the day after effects of an all-nighter. Energy depletion is a chronic problem in today’s fast paced world where e-mails never stop flooding in, but social lives, relationships, gym sessions, and down time still need to be packed into the day. Rather than reaching for a coffee, soda or synthetic energy drink that will only provide a short-lived jumpstart, there is a line of energy drinks and energy tablets being reintroduced called UPTIME that only contain carefully selected, premium ingredients for balanced energy. 

For over 30 years, UPTIME has delivered premium energy supplements designed to invigorate you both mentally and physically. Our energy drinks and energy tablets feature healthy and revitalizing blends of natural, energy-producing ingredients that will help you work hard and play harder. 

Our energy drink formula features a rejuvenating blend of premium energy-producing ingredients that will keep you performing at an optimal level. UPTIME energy drinks incorporate nearly as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and just the right amount of nutritional supplements to deliver an efficient energy boost. Featuring refreshing citrus flavors that revive the senses, this clear, sparkling beverage is naturally sweetened with cane sugar and is sure to brighten your day or liven your night. 

UPTIME energy tablets are designed for the active, hard-working individual who needs to stay both mentally and physically sharp throughout the day. This supplement delivers energy gradually, and it features a wholesome blend of herbs, minerals and vitamins that are nutritious and sustaining. UPTIME tablets are available in two vegetarian-friendly formulations, Original Energy Blend and Maximum Energy Blend.

The Original Energy Blend tablet, our flagship energy supplement, caters to active individuals seeking sustained physical and mental performance. We have infused premium ingredients including herbs, minerals, and vitamins for a revitalizing wave of energy that goes beyond a caffeine rush. UPTIME tablets utilize coenzyme Q10, ginkgo biloba, and ginseng to promote stable clarity and focus when you need it the most. 

UPTIME Maximum Energy Blend includes potent ingredients including green tea extract, guarana and ginseng that deliver an elevated energy boost. These energy tablets are perfect for active individuals who need a strong boost during hard work or play. 


Born in Santa Barbara over 30 years ago and deeply infused with the essence of an active California lifestyle, UPTIME has been the energy supplement choice for people with demanding lifestyles. Professional athletes, doctors, college students, corporate executives, busy moms and many others who need the energy to meet the demands of their days all use UPTIME. UPTIME’s unique blend of ingredients provides much needed energy and focus without unwanted side effects.

UPTIME is produced by Uptime Energy Inc. www.uptime.energy

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