‘How To Start Your Own Blog’ Publishes New Video Tutorial To Help People Set Up a Blog Quickly

How To Start Your Own Blog is a resource center helping people start their first blog, and has just created a video tutorial offering top tips and advice for how make the best of their blog.

The mantra among internet marketers still remains, ‘content is king’. The internet is a place where authority results in greater exposure, and exposure creates lead generation. Whether individuals are setting up a blog for their business, or looking to establish a personal brand as an expert in a given field, blogging is the perfect way to do this. How To Start Your Own Blog is a website explaining how people can undertake this process successfully, and they have just created a video tutorial to make it easier than ever.

The new video tutorial, How To Start A Blog – Step By Step Tutorial for Beginners, provides a walk-through and talk-through guide covering much of the same processes as the website itself, but in a more dynamic and demonstrative way. This is ideal for those who need a guided a tour through the process of getting a domain name and every aspect of hosting and setting up a blog itself. The tutorial is designed to walk even a complete newbie through the process of getting a website live and configured in the right way. 

The how to start a blog video, now freely available on YouTube, also takes people through the process of setting up WordPress and customizing its features and functions so individuals can set up a blog that reflects their values and the visual identity of their business or brand. 

A spokesperson for How To Start Your Own Blog explained, “How To Start Your Own Blog has created this video tutorial because the screen grab walk through format has proven so successful in so many other endeavors that we figured it would be ideal for our purposes. Watching the video will allow people to see someone going through all the necessary steps in real time, so they can mirror the movements on screen and end up with the same result. That is, a perfectly set up blog that is ready to host some amazing content, and help people start to get recognized in their field of expertise.”

About How To Start Your Own Blog:

How To Start Your Own Blog is a website dedicated to helping people start their own blogs, quickly and easily without the need for expensive tools or web designers. The site is dedicated to helping people understand how blogs work and how make a blog successful. They have multimedia materials available so people can learn in their preferred format.

For more information please visit: http://www.howtostartyourownblog.com/

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