Launching Latest type of CYCJET Industrial Inkjet Printers

Industrial Inkjet Printers is another type portable inkjet printing system, which different from hand jet printer. Automation, portability makes the industrial inkjet printer be the best choice of assembly line work.

CYCJET Industrial Inkjet Printers

CYCJET Industrial inkjet printers adopt 7.0 inches color touch screen, which makes the text inputting more easy and clear. Total Stainless steel body makes the printer look more durable and beautiful; The industrial inkjet printer includes the high-resolution printhead, which can print max 54mm height character in single line with max resolution 400DPI; And samsung Micro-chip, which makes the printer more stable. It adopts Micro Piezo Technology, what’s why have a low running cost, can be save 50% running cost compared with traditional machine. This portable industrial inkjet printer not only can print automatic date and time, logo, serial number, random code, barcode, qrcode, it also can print variable items, like variable barcode & qr code. File link function designed into machine, then match load message printer and printing. These are all the basic functions of the CYCJET industrial inkjet printing system.

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CYCJET Industrial Inkjet Printers

Of course, the industrial handheld inkjet printers must has some unique points, like connecting with a barcode reader and scan the barcode, then printing barcode contents directly, no need to input the printing information. It is so easy for CYCJET Industrial inkjet printing system. Another point of the portable industrial ink-jet printer designed with database reading & printing function. The industrial coding printer can work with the Product anti-forgery enquiry system or ERP system, and read the anti-forgery code, then printing on the products.

CYCJET Industrial Inkjet Printers

However, based on CYCJET general engineer YC said: “Although CYCJET hand jet printers designed with strong function, but the operation and maintenance simple too, normally one people can be fast operation the printer without training within 20 minutes; And also when the printer also near zero-maintenance with solvent-based ink, if printer day by day running, no need do any maintenance, if long time printer no need work, just please total clean ink-system, then load CYCJET MA01 maintenance cartridge, then can be protect printer without any maintenance. Easy, simple, strong, low cost together one laser marking machine, so it must be have large markets demand in different industry.”

CYCJET is a brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited, a Shanghai based manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of different types of portable and industry-grade printers.


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