“Finding Waldo” – Screenplay by Award Winning Writer, Blu de Golyer, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Comedic Film Takes Two Improbable Characters on an Exciting Road Trip to Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona – April 02, 2015Blu de Golyer, award winning producer and screenwriter, has announced the new film he will be working on called, “Finding Waldo.” This incredible film will take audiences on a journey between two unlikely characters, a writer whose mental stability is questionable and an ex-convict who used to be a pro-quarterback, on a road trip to Arizona. In order to produce, distribute, and market the remarkable film, the team has launched an IndieGoGo campaign. The goal is to raise $75,000 of the entire$150,000 by May 26, 2015. The production already has half the funding in place provided by Northern California Co-production company, Planet Capricorn. 

de Golyer has years of experience in the film industry and was the creator of “House of Good and Evil”, which received 8 International Best Picture awards at various top film festivals. De Golyer is also the creator of the popular anthology series, Hillbilly Horror Show. He is excited to begin the “Finding Waldo” Project and hopes to create another award winning film that everyone will enjoy.

The film is about Chance Reed, played by Bo Keister (Remember The Titans). An ex pro football player who’s life was turned upside down when a night of drinking caused him to handicap a women. This landed him in prison. Three years later, Reed is out on parole and is forced to work in the mailroom of Henderson and Motley, a Los Angeles insurance agency. Waldo Greene played by Matthew Jacobs (The Emperor’s New Groove) an eccentric, best-selling novelist has found himself in a mental hospital. However, Cyrus Motley played by Richard Riehle (Office Space), the owner of the insurance agency, has a feeling Greene is faking it and is trying to outsmart the Henderson and Motley, which he has already done to three other insurance companies.

Motley sends Chance Reed to investigate if Greene is actually insane. When Reed goes to visit the “insane” novelist, things turn for the worst when the writer breaks out of the ward and takes Chance hostage. Together they begin a road trip to Arizona. Audiences will enjoy the humor and character development as two damage souls bond and uncover secrets about each other. The journey takes them both on the path of finding peace, understanding, and healing as they travel in the desert sun.

Funds raised from the campaign will pay for pre-production, production, post-production, and marketing. The plan is to start principal photography around October of this year. Most of the scenes will be shot around Phoenix, Arizona. Once filming has finished, the production team plans to release it to several Oscar-qualifying fests like Sundance, Cannes, Tribeca, and SXSW.

Those who wish to make a contribution can do so by visiting the campaign or clicking here. Backers of the campaign can choose from many attractive rewards as a “thank you” for the support. Do not forget to spread the word about this new upcoming film! Share this on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Let everyone know about how they can help make “Finding Waldo” a reality.


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