The Boolze Cell Phone Mount Facilitates Hands-free Communication and Continuous Online Presence

One of the greatest challenges for people who use bicycles, strollers, mopeds, and Segways is the inability to use smartphones or tablets while in transit. A new device called the Boolze cellphone and tablet mount enables you to quickly and securely attach your smartphone or tablet to almost any transportation device that has handlebars. The patented Boolze Tablet and Smart Phone Solution consists of a sturdy molded plastic and metal mount which can be secured in place in just seconds; once the mount is in place, you only need to affix your mobile device to the suction lock and snap the lock to keep your cellphone or tablet secure and within clear view.

The Boolze cellphone and tablet mount is the product of years of design enhancement and engineering.  The high strength mount and suction lock are elegant in their design and promise years of outstanding performance in even the most rugged circumstances.  Most importantly, the Boolze cellphone and tablet mount provides hands-free service while you are biking, pushing your infant stroller, or operating a moped.  The incredibly strong suction lock will maintain the position of your mobile device in almost any situation and the Boolze cellphone and tablet mount comes in a variety of colors. You can utilize the many functions of your phone or tablet like a light source, communications systems or GPS tracker while controlling your bike, making your journey more enjoyable and utilitarian. The Boolze cellphone and tablet mount fits all cellphones and tablets, and you can exchange the mobile device you want to mount in just seconds.

The Boolze Smart Phone Solution is an outstanding product for professionals commuting to the office, mothers taking their child for a stroll, or youngsters operating their bike or moped.  By using the hands-free design, you can remain in constant touch with others throughout transit; you never need to go offline even if you are handling rough terrain or comforting your child.

It is almost assured that the Boolze cellphone and tablet mount will become a staple for bikes, strollers and mopeds once it is released, but it requires the financial support of backers to enter mass production.  Boolze has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the $12,000 needed for an initial production run.  In return for your generous support, you can receive perks like website credits, key chains, or the Boolze cellphone mount in various colors. 

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