FlipHTML5 – Innovative Flipbook Creator to Provide an Enjoyable eReading Experience

Readers can now enjoy the PDF flipbooks that are engaged with page turning effects and animations on all devices smoothly.

With the advancement of digital publishing in the modern world there are many options for content creators that simply create flat digital images for consumers to scroll through. Flipbook creator by FlipHTML5 provides publishers with the ability to create a unique and positive reading experience to consumers with a three-dimensional flipbook experience.

One of the reasons some consumers are resistant to digital publications is because it can be a boring and tiring experience to read a digital publication. When scrolling through .pdf content, people find themselves getting lost in the flow of the text and tired of the flat content that lacks some of the enjoyment they found when reading print magazines and catalogs.

FlipHTML5 provides a unique, 3D flipbook experience to a reader that breaks through the barrier previously seen in digital publications. FlipHTML5 provides a visual experience that is satisfying to consumers that have grown accustomed to the quality of a print publication and has the ability to take publishers content into the digital age without any drop in the integrity of the product.

With the realistic effect of the “page flipping” that FlipHTML5 publications provide, readers are not forced to spend and excessive amount of time scrolling through a .pdf to get to the next page. There is no confusion of where one page of the publication begins and where it ends, and the reader gets the experience of reading a magazine or catalog without the publisher having to spend their resources on creating print publications.

With a great deal of flash animations, effects and senses, the FlipHTML5 platform allows content providers with the ability to draw readers of their publication in with more than just words and pictures. FlipHTML5 provides content creators to completely customize their product which means that no matter the target audience, FlipHTML5 can help create content that is comprehensive to the needs of the publisher. With unlimited publishing available and reliable hosting provided, publishers can rely on FlipHTML5 as their long term solution to creating publications in the digital age. There is no limit to the creative possibilities with the flipbook creator FlipHTML5 provides.

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