Boat Saves Lives On The Tropical Currents Of The Amazon River

Living Waters Medical Missions is led by Registered Nurse and missionary JoeLynn Daugherty, who has had over twenty-four years of medical missions’ experience.

Due to the efforts of one woman’s mission, it is a new day for the Indigenious people fighting for survival in the primitive Amazon Jungle. Deep within the rainforests of South America lie isolated villages along the riverbanks of the wild. In this remote location, the Amazon River is the highway for transportation and is the only means of acquiring goods. For this reason, obtaining medical attention has been a struggle for years–but not any longer.  Medical assistance is brought to their villages through a state–of–the–art medical boat, loaded with needed supplies to save the lives of the sick and hurting, called The Fountain.

Living Waters Medical Missions is led by Registered Nurse and missionary JoeLynn Daugherty, who has had over twenty-four years of medical missions’ experience. Daugherty has led this life-saving medical boat down the piranha infested rivers of the Amazon where she has seen painful suffering and loss among these forgotten people. JoeLynn has opened up new passageways for these unreached villagers by increasing the chance of survival along the watery basins of the rainforests.

The Fountain provides medical and dental care to these out of reach villages where there are no doctors, hospitals, clinics or medicines to help the sick and wounded. The Fountian tours the currents of the Amazon River reaching into the most remote areas of the jungle. By assisting these under-served people, JoeLynn and her team care for the natives, impact villages by helping to dig wells for clean water, and giving hope to every life they touch. Their mission is to help the sick and hurting of the world ONE LIFE, ONE VILLAGE AT A TIME…

“We strive to give hope to the hopeless and help to those in need. Our goal is to empower the people by providing medical care, education, training and materials to increase access to basic healthcare. We want to make a difference by improving the quality of their lives and prevent further spread of disease and death in their own villages, towns and throughout other countries, which is crucial to the health and safety of all humanity,” – says Daugherty.

After tending to the physical, mental and spiritual needs of villagers for the past eight years, Daugherty has published her NEW book, On a River Called Never, journaling life along the exotic lands of South America. “Wow! Indiana Jones look out! An interesting read of how one woman desired to make a difference—did make a difference—and still does! Can’t wait to read about her next adventure in the primitive jungles of the Amazon!” says reviewer, Sherri D. Powell

On a River Called Never describes Daugherty’s missions and what has awaited her around every turn of the river as she set out to reach the neglected Indigenous people. “Tears flowed as rapidly as the current beneath my canoe. I’m here. I’m really here. I thought to myself—I’m not sure what waits for me around the bend. It’s challenging. It’s exciting. It’s everything I dreamed it would be. There’s not a place I’d rather be than here On the River Called NEVER.” – JoeLynn Daugherty

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