Making Event Planning A Breeze, John Barry And StarEvents, Inc. Deliver Top Dollar

With over twenty years of experience, John Barry and StarEvents, Inc. helps clients maximize fundraising through event planning and production.

Planning successful events can be a challenge, but for John Barry of StarEvents (, Inc. it is a passion, a skill, and a career. While it can be tricky for novices to coordinate and manage fundraising and large-scale events, for the folks at StarEvents, Inc., it is all part of the territory.

“StarEvents specializes in developing, producing, and managing special events that create a positive economic impact while showcasing communities to engage audiences,” Barry says.

Working with StarEvents, Inc., clients can expect to: hold successful events that generate positive outcomes, generate a positive economic impact without losing sight of the client’s objectives, engage and motivate audiences to have positive experiences through celebration, create and develop special events that help raise money for all clients, and build communities for a better tomorrow through celebration.

“The best part about StarEvents is that we are able to bring communities together through celebration while helping raise money and awareness for non-profits,” Barry says. “Our festivals and events have raised over $6,000,000 to date and helped hundreds of businesses find a better vehicle to promote their products and services.”

StarEvents, Inc. is able to bring its organizing and unifying vision to planning events for businesses or groups of all different sizes and with all different goals. The principle remains the same: appeal to people through providing quality events, while minimizing the stress and workload of event organizers, and without losing site of the purpose of the event.

“The most important value we typically bring is saving all of our clients time and money while producing world-class events. We show them how it’s possible to mitigate and decrease expenses without sacrificing quality and reach. Our events are known to create huge tangible and intangible results,” Barry says. “We have a long track record of creating a positive economic impact with all of our events that can have positive ripple effect on results and budgets.”

That cost-saving benefit helps groups that may be struggling financially have more profitable, successful, and better events.

“We recently worked for a small village in Illinois that was having a hard time making their events profitable,” Barry says. “We were able to come in and turn the events profitable our first year. After a few years of working with us, their events were turning a six-figure profit. This revenue was then used to hire more staff and create marketing initiatives that were utilized year round.”

With well-proven standards of excellence, StarEvents, Inc. brings keen insight to its clients without sacrificing a modern and cutting edge sensibility. StarEvents, Inc. sets the pace for event planning and consistently delivers optimum results for its clientele.

“Our business has a 20-year track record that continues to define our industry in regards to results and standards. We have been consistently recognized by the Better Business Bureau and our staff has over 100 years of experience in producing special events,” Barry says. “We dedicate much of our year to non-profits, helping them earn needed money. And, our business is turnkey and saves our clients time and money while generating results that can not be found with any other service.”

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