Locke Chastaine, Founder of OnDemandSocialMedia.com Appears on Chicago’s Remarkable Radio Show Seeking Entrepreneurs To Manage Social Media For Companies

Social Media Expert and Founder and CEO of a west coast social media agency offers a one-of-a-kind franchise opportunity for small business owners and professionals who can test drive a social media agency before they buy. Locke Chastaine’s goal is to enlist 1000 new agency owners in 12 months.

Social Media Expert and Entrepreneur, Locke Chastaine was named as a Remarkable Expert by a popular Chicago radio show called “Remarkable Radio”, which spotlights noteworthy Experts, People, Places, and Things from around the globe and in your town. Chastaine appeared on the show to discuss how businesses and professionals ignore the power of social media and when effectively employed, can become an engine to convert prospects into clients and additional business opportunities.  The show aired on Saturday afternoon on AM560 The Answer, one of the premier talk stations in Chicago, also home of the Hannity and Dennis Miller Shows.

Chastaine’s innovative solution to rocket business growth is turning the franchise model upside down. His “Try Before You Buy” model is opening the door to hundreds of entrepreneurs who would like to successfully launch a social media agency in their area, either as a standalone, or an extension of an existing business.

“I’m a big fan of talk radio, and I’m excited to be a part of it. To think, by appearing in a Top 3 radio market like Chicago, how many entrepreneurs I can reach, who can in turn, help millions of business owners finally leverage social media to grow their businesses, is magical”, said Chastaine.

Too many business owners are stuck in the mud with stale marketing.  Today, it is imperative to use the reach and engagement of social media in order to place a business on top of a prospects mind. An Entrepreneur with a penchant for social media would likely enjoy helping businesses grow with the technology, especially because all the knowledge and capabilities are provided for them.

In the Interview, Chastaine discusses how he has helped Entrepreneurs start their own agency successfully — without owing any royalties or franchise management fees. He remarked “You don’t have to worry about any of that. All you have to do is get out there and introduce the service to business owners” who are amazed at how effective social media has become to grow their business.

Locke Chastaine’s unique approach to business use of social media has helped many of his clients succeed, on a pay as you go basis.

“What I like about this is the passion and excitement of being involved in an industry that is just a tsunami. Everybody we talk to loves this. It’s a perfect business. It’s a perfect solution for social media” — D. Callico

“At the end of the day, you feel so great you are helping companies accomplish their goals” using high level social media strategies and tools.” — S. Jackson

To hear the full interview, or to get more information about Locke Chastaine, visit: www.ondemandsocialmedia.com

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