Ember World – Toy Startup Launches A New Adventure Doll

Kitchener, Ontario – Ember World, a start-up toy company, launched its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on March 23, 2015 to fund the production of its first adventure doll and companion storybook. Adventure Dolls are a refreshing alternative to traditional fashion dolls, featuring realistic body proportions, action-oriented clothing and accessories and an immersive adventure storyline.

Ember World founder Katie Nielsen explains: “Young girls are enthralled with adventure, and love to imagine themselves as the heroes of their own stories. Now these girls can play with a doll that will encourage that adventurous spirit.”

When funded, Ember World will begin production of Ember, the first adventure doll in a series of five. Each doll includes an adventure story book that spins a tale of exploration and intrigue as Ember and her friends embark on grand adventures together.

In recent years, fashion dolls (such as Bratz® and Monster High®) have received much criticism for their inappropriate sexualization and narrow focus on fashion and beauty. Adventure-themed toys are typically marketed to boys and feature mostly male characters. Nielsen hopes to change this trend by offering young girls a doll that represents strong female characters at the center of exciting and daring adventures.

Nielsen explains: “I want to offer girls a doll that lets them play as their most confident and imaginative selves!”

For more information, contact Ember World at +1 (226) 606-1434 or email at info@emberworld.com.


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Company Name: Ember World
Email: info@emberworld.com
Phone: +1 (226) 606-1434
Country: Canada
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