Website and mobile app system helps people monitor their exercise

smartLAB® move – Available in different colors.
The activity tracker records every movement, counts every step and transmits everything wirelessly.

Technology moves pretty fast these days.  No product on the market can stand still, especially one that rewards movement and promotes physical fitness.

In the past several years, Maher Khoury, a German entrepreneur, has introduced a fitness website ( and an activity monitor with a mobile app that tracks movement. It’s an innovative concept with great health benefits but, like many other sophisticated devices and systems, needs constant updating.

The website enables people to log in without charge and monitor their exercise. A new fitmefit® APP is available at your favorite app Store. A smartLAB® pedometer, smartLAB® weight scale or smartLAB® heart rate monitor can be purchased from the site and synched up with the fitness program.

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“Our website is designed to motivate people to include more movement into their daily lives,” explains Khoury. “We were one of the first who presented such a solution and are still unique in with our concept. We motivate people by challenging themselves and their friends. We have built this website especially for people who are not doing regular sports.”

The smartLAB® pedometer records every movement, counts every step and transmits everything wirelessly, enabling users to easily track their activity level. Khoury cautions that users should not use the activity data to compete with others.

“It is very important to achieve your own goals and not compare yourself to others,” he says.

As good as the present system is, Khoury sees room for improvement in keeping with the fast-paced mobile app/Internet age. He’d like to add more functions and features to the website such as modern app themes and sports activities, such as bike riding. In addition, Khoury, wants to connect the system to other apps such as Google Fit and Apple Health Kit, and ramp up marketing efforts.

This is a rather expensive proposition and the project estimate is $100,000. In order to generate this funding, Khoury has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a $10 contribution, backers will receive a six-month premium account valued at $24. For $40, you can get a smartLAB® activity tracker plus a six-month premium account. The activity tracker can be worn on the wrist or the body.

A group package, including eight smartLAB® activity trackers and a one-year premium account, is available for $350.

“We can also customize fitmefit® for companies, incorporating their logos, colors and designs,” says Khoury. “You can engage employees or members through your own customized fitness page, providing help and motivation. It’s good for the company’s public image, demonstrating to customers and partners that you really care about your employees’ well-being.”

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Khoury can be reached directly at - Keep your employees fit and vital, with fitmefit® included into your corporate health management. – Keep your employees fit and vital, with fitmefit® included into your corporate health management.

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