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Graviola relieves respiratory ailments and upset stomach and helps with mild fever, reports Superior Labs Inc.

Superior Labs announces the launch of new high quality Graviola on the website, along with at select retailers. Graviola, an evergreen tree found in the Caribbean and Central America, continues to be researched for its healing properties, and many believe the leaves and fruit of the tree, often referred to as the soursop tree, help fight bacteria and parasites. In addition, some use this product to treat cancer, herpes and coughs. Individuals wishing to try this supplement often rely on superior labs when making a purchase.

“Superior Labs offers only the highest quality nutritional supplements to consumers. When one purchases this product, they don’t have any worries about silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate and other filler ingredients found in competitors. The product contains 100 percent graviola and no additives or fillers, so one doesn’t need to worry about their health being harmed as they are trying to better it,” Cliff, spokesperson for Superior Labs, announces.

Research continues into the benefits of this product. Many opt to use it to treat cancer, as it is believed the chemicals found in graviola prevent cancer cells from removing the drugs being used to fight them. In addition, researchers are looking into whether chemicals in the leaves and fruit kill these cancer cells outright. This is just one of the many uses of this product.

Cliff continues on to say users state graviola promotes relaxation and may be used to cause vomiting or the emptying of the bowels. Although more research needs to be done, many individuals state graviola supplements have helped in these areas. One user states their PSA dropped with use, and another declares they were cold free after only one day.

This new product was formulated and developed in America and is manufactured here in GMP and FDA compliant centers. Individuals, when purchasing this product through Superior Labs, get 120 vegetable capsules containing 1,200mg of pure active graviola. Anything less and one may not obtain the full benefits.

Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding, however, should avoid this product, as the effects on the unborn fetus are unclear. In addition, those with Parkinson’s disease should avoid use of this product as it may make symptoms worse. Overall, however, there are no side effects and no unidentified or potentially harmful ingredients in the product.

“Users find they prefer purchasing through Superior Labs as the product comes with a full money back guarantee. Users who find they aren’t satisfied within the 60 days following purchase may return the product for a full, no questions asked, money back guarantee. Try Graviola today to see how it may be of benefit to your health,” Cliff recommends.

About Superior Labs Inc:

Specializing in bringing the highest quality nutritional supplements to the marketplace, Superior Labs Inc. only offers products made in facilities within the United States that are GMP compliant and FDA registered.

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