Superior Labs Inc Reports They Have Lowered the Price on Their Boswellia Supplement

One may now purchase this supplement for only $19.95 and receive prime shipping when purchasing through Amazon, announces Superior Labs Inc.

Superior Labs Inc announces they have reduced the price on their popular Boswellia supplement to $19.95. Individuals may purchase this amazing product at and take advantage of prime shipping when doing so. Experts believe boswellia reduces inflammation in individuals and may be beneficial in the treatment of rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and asthma.

“Studies show this product is an effective anti-inflammatory, and it may be used as a painkiller, according to In addition, experts believe it may prevent cartilage loss in the body, and some studies show it to be effective in treating certain cancers,” Christie Owens, spokesperson for Superior Labs Inc., explains.

Consumers turn to Superior Labs when searching for products of this type as they are of the highest purity. One never needs to worry that they contain synthetic ingredients, preservatives, flavors, colors, magnesium stearate, dioxides or anti-caking ingredients. As no synthetic or artificial ingredients are used, the risk of side effects or complications is greatly reduced.

“Superior Labs only uses real plant material in the making of Boswellia. Moreover, it is made formulated, developed and manufactured in facilities within the United States that are registered with the FDA and are fully GMP compliant. The product comes in 600mg capsules and each bottle contains 120 vegetable capsules, allowing consumers to try the product for a period of time to ensure it works to meet their needs,” Owens continues.

Consumers love this product, as seen by Amazon product reviews. One customer states it has reduced their chronic back pain, allowing them to regain mobility. Another declares their stiffness and joint pain are almost completely gone. Reviews also state the product is extremely potent and reliable, among other things.

Care must be taken when using this product. It does increase blood flow to the pelvis and uterus and may result in miscarriage in some women. Furthermore, menstrual flow tends to accelerate when this product is used. Speak to a doctor before taking boswellia, especially when taking certain medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen, as it may interact with these drugs.

“Individuals looking for a natural way to treat arthritis, asthma and inflammatory bowel disease should check this product out by clicking here. Those who do so many find they need fewer medications or may eliminate them completely with this natural product. Speak to your physician today and try it. Thanks to the low price and 100 percent, no questions, asked money back guarantee which is valid for 60 days, you have nothing to lose. You may find you are pain free again and can live life to the fullest,” Owens declares.

About Superior Labs Inc.:

Superior Labs Inc focuses on bringing nutritional supplements of the highest quality t,o consumers across the globe. All products offered through the company are manufactured in American facilities which remain GMP compliant and FDA registered.

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