Torani is Asking Customers to Contribute to New Product

Plus Ups Kickstarter Campaign Isn’t About The Money

San Francisco, CA – Crowdfunding campaigns are not a new way to launch a product, but when a global company with more than enough resources chooses to crowdfund, you might ask why. By turning to Kickstarter, Torani will not only be able to get their newest innovation, Plus Ups, to market sooner, more people will have a say in what it tastes like, looks like, and even what it’s called. 

Torani Plus Ups – a natural drink booster that adds function + flavor, was crafted by a small, pop-up group of passionate Torani team members called a MixTank to answer the question, can a drink be functional and nutritious while also tasting amazing? Made with real ingredients, the products are easily added to a range of beverages to create innovative new offerings like veggie-packed smoothies and natural energy pick-me-ups.  

However, there were some concerns that consumers weren’t ready for this concept, so MixTank proposed a Kickstarter campaign as a way to let people decide for them selves. “We are approaching this as a crowdsourcing campaign to give our customers a chance to co-create with us. This campaign is a way for anyone to play a part in the final product,” describes Torani CEO, Melanie Dulbecco. 

In addition to being some of the first to try Torani Plus Ups initial 3 flavors – Harvest Veggie, Green Veggie, and Green Coffee Bean, campaign supporters can also get a chance to see how Torani works behind the scenes. Backers at a level of $650 will get to experience a Flavor Safari where they will join a food scientist and marketing expert to explore inspiring flavors around San Francisco. A pledge at the $1,000 level allows supporters to visit the Torani R&D Flavor Lab and create their very own syrup flavor.

Some might find it surprising, that although Torani is a 90-year-old, family-owned company, it lives and breathes like a startup. It may be their entrepreneurial beginnings or proximity to Silicon Valley, but either way the company’s business practices are laser focused on fostering innovation.  

The Plus Ups Kickstarter campaign will be live through May 7, 2015. When the crowdsourcing goal is met, Torani Plus Ups will be piloted immediately and the team will begin the journey to launch the product line nationwide later in 2015. 

For information or to set up an interview with Melanie Dulbecco, Torani CEO, please contact Kate Ellison, or 415.706.8191.

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