Superior Labs Inc. Launches New Maca Product on Amazon of Highest Purity

Highly regarded pure Peruvian Maca root powder now available for purchase on Amazon with free two-day Amazon Prime shipping

High up in the Peruvian mountains of South America grows an inconspicuous seeming tuber vegetable that looks much like a turnip. This is Peru’s national treasure: lepidium myenni, commonly known as Maca. For 3,000 years, South Americans have enjoyed this root crop as a vegetable. Superior labs Inc. is excited to announce the launch of a new maca product, teaming with Amazon to provide Maca’s astonishing number of benefits to health-conscious individuals throughout America and beyond.

According to Christie Owens, Superior Labs Inc. spokesperson, “A number of independent laboratory test results on vitamins and other nutritional supplements have been featured in the media of late showing that many such products fail to contain the advertised amount of active ingredients, and some are contaminated with unwanted elements.” These reports are of concern to supplement producers whose desire is to empower consumers with effective, healthful products that deliver desired results.

“At superior labs, our Maca product is of the highest purity,” she continued. “We start with pure, organically- sourced Peruvian Maca, and our product is made entirely in the USA. It contains no synthetic or artificial ingredients such as preservatives, magnesium stearate, coloring, dioxides or anti-caking fillers. Our manufacturing facilities are FDA registered and GMP compliant.

Maca is considered a superfood and an adaptogen, which strengthens the health of the adrenal system, thereby making the body more resistant to stress. Maca is also well-known for its ability to increase libido, bone density and energy, regulate menopausal hot flashes and symptoms of PMS, and improve the quality of one’s sleep. The world seemingly cannot get enough of this exotically scented, nutritious and hormone balancing supplement. Peruvian farmers currently grow maca primarily for its medicinal purposes.

Superior Labs stands behind their product. “We offer a 60 day ‘Iron-Clad’ money back guarantee,” Owens said. “If, within that time you are not satisfied for any reason you we will refund your money with no questions asked. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. For those seeking the best buy for their money, our best value is found in our 750mg capsules, which come 120 to a bottle.”

At present, Superior Labs Inc. has joined with the giant online retailer to help market and distribute their products. Superior Labs’ Maca has been made available to Amazon Prime members and is therefore available with free, two-day shipping to anyone with an Amazon Prime account.

About Superior Labs Inc: 

Superior Labs Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of highly rated nutritional supplements such as graviola, maca, alpha lipoic acid, artichoke leaf extract, among others. Superior Labs is committed to providing a top quality product without cutting corners. All Superior Lab products are guaranteed to be completely pure and to be free of harmful additives, and are backed by a full, money-back guarantee. Clients seeking to enhance their health by means of non-pharmaceutical health supplements can purchase Superior Labs products with complete confidence.

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