Brand new mobile app enhances social media images with original art

Feeling Inspired App
Nashville artist is working with a technical team to make her designs, frames and doodles available to smartphone users.

With the booming popularity of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, millions of photos and art pieces are posted every hour – for all the world to see.

Artist Valentina Harper of Nashville is working with a technical team to develop a mobile app that can embellish and enhance any image posted on-line or sent through e-mail. This application is called Feeling Inspired and enables the user to add decorative frames, filters, hand-drawn doodles, phrases, stickers and personal messages.

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Feeling Inspired also allows you to save images or immediately share them through social media.

“It enables you to fill your pictures with vibrant and eye-catching creations,” says Harper. “I offer my style, my energy and my original designs. You can enhance and personalize personal images in a snap. It’s quick, easy and fun.”

The Feeling Inspired app provides a scrapbook-like environment, where people can customize their images, turning them into unique pieces of art.

“If you’re feeling inspired by friends, family or life itself, this is a real opportunity to express yourself,” Harper says.

After working as a designer for several years, Harper decided to follow her heart and create a unique style of uplifting art, which embraces bright, positive, and lovingly hand-crafted detail. Her love for intricate detail and an inspiring attitude marks her signature style.

Harper is now working with a team of graphics designers, programmers and media experts to develop the Feeling Inspired app.

The budget for programming, testing and other technical work is $7,000. In order to generate this start-up capital, Harper has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at:

The page includes a demonstration video and many examples of Harper’s artwork.

Donations of any amount are welcome. For a $15 contribution, backers will receive an 8×10 print of a project illustration, a link to download a digital print and a link to download a special PDF named “Feeling Inspired To-Do List.”

A pledge of $65 gets you the Feeling Inspired mobile app, one 12×10 canvas print of an illustration and a wallpaper app plus all of the above perks.

“People can really have a lot of fun with this new app and it creates a whole new dimension for posting images in social media,” says Harper. “Your photos will really stand out.”

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Feeling Inspired App

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