The Business Self-Help Book Your Boss Does Not Want You to Read

Getting Priced at a Premium in the Job Market Regardless of Professional Skills or Merit

Bargepole Management: Minimal input – Maximum Gain, is a business self-help book that breaks the mold by bluntly revealing how to rig the system and be a winner at the career game. In an ideal world, being a top employee and working hard is what puts you ahead of the competition. In the real world, promotion is rarely based on work performance or contribution. Attempting to improve yourself is a misguided strategy. Bargepole Management cracks open the code for how to project an illusion of having critical value to the organization, regardless of how good (or bad) you are at your job.

Dubai Based Author Mitch Vandell says: “Central to the Bargepole system approach is the ability to detach performance from quantifiable measurements such as productivity, efficiency or outcome of specific initiatives. The book shows how the right organizational conditions conducive to applying group psychology can be created to control communication and information to influence overall perceptions to your advantage.”

This controversial career guide offering and seemingly immoral shortcuts have been hailed by Forbes Magazine as: “something of a rare gem” and “insight into an age-old management style that we may be fully accustomed to, but without realizing.” – Forbes.

In a bold move by Gothenburg University and Chalmers, two of the top business and engineering universities in Europe, Bargepole Management Theory will be taught formally as course material at the master’s level starting in April. Responsible University Lecturer and co-author Oscar Wendel says: ‘the aim is to create a discussion on why and how bargepole behaviours are so common, well rewarded and difficult to avoid. How can bargepoling be a benefit to organizations and what is the impact on work environment and employee job satisfaction?’ Wendel goes on to say: ‘Bargepole Management Theory merges behavioural psychology with traditional economic theory to view employees in an organization as separate agents acting within a marketplace. This combined perspective reveals how individuals can act with a more raw self-interest.’

Available in bookstores, AMAZON.COM, iTunes and in a limited edition boxed set (USD $199). for review copies, interviews, photos & author bio.

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