Help the Honey Bee by Increasing Numbers of Gentle, Native Bees

Bees are responsible for one out of three bites of food we eat. Without bees, we’d have no blueberries, no cherries and no chocolate. We wouldn’t even have beer.

Together we can work to safeguard our future food supply by increasing the population of native bees in North America.  

The plight of the honey bee has been well publicized, but most people are unaware that there are more than 4,000 species of native bees in North America. These gentle bees work side-by-side with honey bees to pollinate home gardens as well as major food crops.

Solitary bees are super pollinators that don’t make honey. Instead, they spend all their energy pollinating fruits, vegetables, nuts and flowers. These bees are perfect for the home garden, fun to watch, and are safe around children and pets because they rarely sting.

Crown Bees is on a mission to increase public awareness about native bees and build a network of “Bee Boosters” — concerned citizens who raise, harvest and share millions of gentle bees from their backyards to their local communities and farms. This grassroots approach will help supply the millions of managed bees needed to meet future commercial food pollination.

Bee Boosters can raise mason bees inexpensively while increasing their own garden yields. Crown Bees gives you all the support you need, with tips for success and affordable bee-safe products. It’s easier than hanging and filling a bird feeder.

At the end of the season, Bee Boosters can trade excess cocoons for free supplies or cash through the company’s unique Bee BuyBack program. Cocoons sent back to Crown Bees are then sorted and distributed to farms in the same local region where the bees were raised.

According to Crown Bees owner, Dave Hunter, an increased population of native bees is a key answer to the troubled honey bee. By diversifying our bee population, we can ensure farmers will have abundant pollinators for their crops in the future. It’s a table-to-farm model that starts in gardeners’ backyards.

The new Bee With Me network creates an interactive online directory of bee-friendly backyards across the country. It enables those raising native bees or just interested in bees to share tips, stories and connect with each other. Users will be able to find other Bee Boosters in their towns who are also raising bees.

Working together, mason bees and honey bees can ensure full plates and full stomachs in our future. Native bees are a great solution, and you can be a part of the answer.

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Crown Bees is a leading provider of solitary and native bees along with bee-safe nesting products. Serving the retail and commercial markets since 2008, Crown Bees has focused on supplementing the declining honey bee population. Its unique Bee Buyback program helps gardeners complete the bee harvesting circle in an easy and efficient way.

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