Product Photos Inc Reveals 5 Product Photography Tips

Business to consumer (B2C) ecommerce sales have reached $1.471 trillion USD last year. One of the key influencing factors for sales conversions is product photography and today, Product Photos Inc reveals 5 product photography tips to help business owners increase sales.

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Los Angeles, CA – Business to consumer (B2C) ecommerce sales have reached $1.471 trillion USD worldwide in 2014, according to eMarketer. One of the key influencing factors that correlate to higher sales conversions is quality product photography. 

Product Photos Inc reveals 5 product photography tips to help business owners increase sales:

1. KISS or “Keep It Simply, Stupid” – Keep it simple with a clean, white background. There are some exceptions but generally this is a excellent rule of thumb to follow.

2. Less is More – Keep it to one item per product shot, especially for catalog displays or ecommerce. Some exceptions to this include items that come in a set or collages for promotional shoots.

3. Avoid Technical Distractions – Less experienced product photographers sometimes shoot without the proper production equipment and post-production skill sets. Technical distractions resulting from this include yellow tints in your white background or hard shadows being cast from not using a light diffuser.

4. Include Multiple Views – Consumers like to know what they are buying so be sure to include the product from at least one additional angle. If it is fashion or lifestyle related, it is a good idea to include multiple angle shots.

5. Be Consistent – If your products generally have a pure white background but some have white reflective background, it may throw some people off. Keep things consistent.

“We have a very thorough set of guidelines or tips, if you will, that we follow internally and as a result, we produce product photos that outperform the competition in quality and ultimately resulting in more sales, which is why our customers always come back to us,” stated 
Yan S. Huang, CMO of Product Photos Inc.

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