Rock Group Three Armed Decoy Plans Tour of Europe, Australia and North America

The hit rock group Three Armed Decoy has been providing its fans in its home country of Ireland and those around the world with innovative rock music since its inception in January of 2013. The four member band formed from the remnants of the former group November Trust and draws musical inspiration from major Goth and rock artists Marilyn Manson, Danko Jones, Foo Fighters and Kerbdog.  As Three Armed Decoy’s influence has spread around the world, its legions of fans are eager to see them perform live. This has inspired the group to lineup a series of concerts throughout Europe, North America and Australia.

This globetrotting tour will require a considerable infusion of cash for expenses like travel, living accommodations, venue rental and marketing.  To obtain the necessary funds for this tour,  Three Armed Decoy has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  In return for supporting this campaign with your generous donation, you can receive valuable rewards like guitar plectrums, T-shirts, personal “Thank You” from the band, tour DVD’s, or albums. Three Armed Decoy also promises to perform for  fans lucky enough to be selected by the group. For more information about this tour or how to make a donation, please visit

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