DS Healthcare Group Begins shipping Continuum on April 24

High Demand Professional Line Expected To Boost Profitability

Pompano Beach, Fla. – April 16, 2015DS Healthcare Group, Inc. (DSKX), today announced that Continuum, the latest addition to its existing innovative product portfolio would begin shipping on Friday, April 24th to distributors in the United States and abroad. Continuum is a three-step treatment that includes Ro-Maxx Quantum Creator, Ro-Zen Quantum Optimizer, and Ro-Topia Fractal Energizer. This treatment was developed due to the tremendous demand for professional services designed to protect one’s hair during bleaching and coloring, which represents a multi-billion dollar services industry. A chemical reaction which occurs during bleaching or coloring opens the cuticle and oxidizes melanin to help remove pigment, but can also leave hair structurally damaged. Continuum is a completely new innovation assembled with the use of proprietary technology developed by DS Healthcare, which instantly repairs hair strands and restores hair to its optimal state within minutes.

“Watching Continuum in action is like seeing magic performed before your very eyes. Whether demonstrating on microscope slides or on live volunteers, hair transforms instantly. This is the single most impressive technology we have ever developed and is something that every hair care professional can utilize. Considering that 75% of all women, including a growing number of men, color their hair and make a serious investment into hair color, Continuum is an indispensable tool for a salon professional. Additionally, we are also very excited in our ability to manufacture this product with a higher profit margin than any other product in DS Healthcare’s history which subsequently allows us to offer higher margins to our distributors, so it’s a win-win for everyone,” stated DS Healthcare President and CEO Daniel Khesin.

“The demand for this product combined with very high margins means continued profitability and growth in addition to what we already demonstrated at the close of 2014,” concluded Khesin.

Human hair is prone to considerable damage due to several factors such as normal aging, exposure to certain environmental conditions such as sunlight and most significantly due to bleaching process. Anatomically, a single hair strand can be represented as a rope made up of systematically arranged cortical fibers with an additional protective cover called cuticles. Exposure to detrimental factors or bleaching process causes weakening of hair cuticles and loosening of cortical fibers that leads to undesirable surface roughness and eventually breakage. Continuum is an innovative product created by combining unique molecules, a precursor and activators, to strengthen the connections between cortical fibers in order to regain hair strength; and, to rearrange cuticles so that to ensure its maximum protective efficacy and natural shine to the hair.

Peter Martin, DS Healthcare Executive VP of Business Development added “we anticipate Continuum to be our  most strategic product that will enable us to leverage our existing distribution that will both strengthen our business and boost consumption of existing products. Salons have been signing up in droves and the initial feedback from the field couldn’t be more favorable. We believe that this truly is a game changer.”

“We are always thinking outside the box at DS Healthcare and this time we went so far outside the box that it’s nowhere to be found,” stated Brijesh Patel, M.S., PhD, DS Healthcare Director of Research and Development.

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DS Healthcare Group Inc. leads in the development of biotechnology for topical therapies. It markets through online and specialty retailers, distributors, cosmetics wholesalers, and salons. Its research has led to a highly innovative portfolio of personal care products and additional innovations in pharmaceutical projects.

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