Urban Agricultural Pilot Project Teams with Boys & Girls Clubs to Grow Healthy Foods

It may be hard to believe, but almost 23.5 million Americans—primarily in densely populated urban areas—do not have access to fresh, healthy produce. Instead of consuming nutritious fruits and vegetables, these city dwellers typically eat highly processed, low nutrient foods, which can contribute to major health issues like obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.  A new program developed by the pioneering social enterprise SuperGrow™ aims to provide agricultural grow centers in the heart of these urban centers which will in turn offer fresh produce to nearby residents.

SuperGrow™ is the brainchild of business and social leader James Massa. James Massa has a long and distinguished list of professional accomplishments including serving as  Vice  President and Chief Strategist of Global Government Solutions for Cisco Systems, Chairman of the Internet Architecture Task Force for the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Council to the President of the United States, and being named a Leader in Social Impact by USA Today.  Drawing on his impressive expertise, James would like to apply his knowledge of innovation to improve the health of people in urban areas.

SuperGrow™ is more than merely a means of growing and selling nutritious foods; it is also a powerful opportunity to improve the lives of young people.  In its pilot project in Greater Lee County, Alabama, SuperGrow™ has partnered with youngsters from the local Boys and Girls Clubs to educate them on the importance of eating nutritiously as well as how to cultivate these agricultural products.  The young participants in the program will learn about soil-based cultivation in an indoor grow-room of their own, utilizing LED grow lamps, composting, watering and air management while.  These activities will also nurture the concepts of teamwork, self-directed learning, and environmental friendliness.

The company has been in operation since 2010 and has already tested the SuperGrow™ cultivation methods with 2nd and 4th graders to ensure viability. This method uses a patented soil based system which produces leafy greens that are 100% organic, free from pesticides and is almost uniformly perfect in shape and size. In future projects, participants will be able to perform these cultivation techniques in SuperGrow™ converted trailers and storage spaces.

SuperGrow™ is a social enterprise and requires an initial funding to establish the pilot program and spread the program to other cities and nations.  To raise the initial $19,500 needed, SuperGrow™ has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.  In return for financially supporting this important project, you are eligible for perks like newsletters, handwritten “Thank You” notes, drawstring bags, T-shirts, SuperGrow™ Pesto, fan kits, naming rights for a grow room, or sponsor plaque for a Boys or Girls Club Center. 

To learn more about SuperGrow™ or to make a financial donation, please visit http://bit.ly/1DMzij9

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Company Name: SuperGrow Fresh Produce with Boys & Girls Clubs
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