The vaarz MoonLamp is a miniature moon right in your own home

It levitates, rotates and reflects four shades of light.

Elchin Panahov of the Netherlands has come up with a totally unique concept for a night lamp. It’s called the vaarz MoonLamp and reflects light similar to our own moon.

In fact, it is a miniature moon that floats, rotates 360 degrees and has a cratered surface. Using an inductive power system, the vaarz MoonLamp actually levitates a miniature moon and reflects four different colors of light: Moonlight, Red Elegant, Purple Romantic and Bluelake.

“To best approximate the way the moon reflects light, we’re using pumice, which is volcanic rock similar to what’s on the surface of the moon,” explains Panahov. “Pumice is formed from the rapid cooling of volcanic lava that contains huge amounts of gas and steam. The gas and steam get ‘frozen’ into the cooled lava forming a lava froth.”

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In addition to its appearance, the vaarz MoonLamp emits the nature sounds of birds, forest and mountains, creating an amazing multi-sensual aura. It comes with a customized logo or personal message on a black or white base and has a night/day sensor that turns on and off automatically.

“This is a very cool item to have in any home,” says Panahov. “It looks, sounds and reflects light just like the moon. Plus, the design is modern and elegant.”

It has taken Panahov and his team years to perfect the design and the vaarz MoonLamp is finally ready to go to market. Additional funding of $50,000 is needed, however, to successfully launch the product. This money will be used for materials, manufacturing, shipping and marketing.

In order generate this start-up capital, Panahov has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at The page includes a video that enables you to capture the look and feel of vaarz.      

For those who would like to support this project, donations of any amount are welcome. A $30 contribution gets you a vaarz MoonLamp iPhone case signed by the design team. For a $45 pledge, backers will receive a vaarz MoonLamp T-shirt that features a crater-like design.

If you’d like to purchase an early edition of the lamp itself, an early bird special is available for $259.

“This is a lamp like no other,” Panahov says. “It’s truly special and will enhance the beauty of any home or any room.”

For additional information, visit or contact Panahov directly at

vaarz – The first night lamp similar to the Moon

vaarz is the first night lamp similar to the Earth’s only natural satellite, the Moon.

Stay one step closer to the Moon, decorate your home interior with vaarz.

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