Finally — Reliable wireless charging arrives for your mobile phone

Team NeverDed creates the ultimate Wireless Charging Conversion Kit.

The convenience and versatility of Smartphones is undeniable. Unfortunately, the battery life of these mini-computers is limited and the charging technology has not evolved at the same pace as the phones themselves.

The ease of charging your phone depends on where you are. Not only do you need a separate cord for every phone, but charging cords are expensive, easily lost, and have a propensity to tie themselves in knots.

Simply put, there is no easy way to charge your phone. Until now.

NeverDed’s Wireless Charging Conversion Kit on Kickstarter

Scott Malone of Hillsboro, Ore., and Team NeverDed have developed a revolutionary approach to wireless charging that can convert virtually any mobile phone. It’s called the Wireless Charging Conversion Kit.

“We live in a mobile world so why are we surrounded by charging cords?” asks Malone. “If you go to a coffee shop, airport or hotel lobby, you’ll see dozens of mobile phones leashing their owners to outlets and charging stations.”

“Look around your home, office or car and count how many power cords you own. It’s kind of ridiculous.”

NeverDed’s wireless charging conversion kit includes a mobile phone wireless adapter, home dock, car dock, and portable charger. “You can wirelessly recharge your mobile phone anywhere,” he says.

The portable charger can be placed in a pocket, purse, or backpack, which provides wireless power on the go, especially great for camping and vacationing.

How does wireless charging work? It uses Qi magnetic induction to transfer magnetic energy from a transmitter to a receiver.

Cutting-edge technology like Team NeverDed’s conversion kit requires high-quality materials and extensive testing protocols. They are currently raising $75,000 to bring the initial conversion kits to market.

In order to generate this capital, NeverDed has launched a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at The page includes a demonstration video, color photos, and product specifications.

Financial support of any amount is welcome. For $60, backers will receive a cordless charging portable power bank and a mobile phone adapter. A pledge of $100 is good for a home dock, car dock and a mobile phone adapter. For only $165 you will receive the entire Wireless Charging Conversion Kit at earlybird pricing.

“In the recent past, wireless charging has been too complex and expensive while failing to provide reliability,” says Malone. “You can’t have a charging system that only works part of the time. You need your phone. Our wireless charging kit works, every time and everywhere.”

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NeverDed’s Home Dock Wireless Charger, included in their Conversion Kit on Kickstarter

NeverDed’s Car Dock Wireless Charger, included in their Conversion Kit on Kickstarter

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