Nextear – Innovative Solution is Considered World’s Smartest Earphones

Company Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Pre-order Earphones Today!

Lithgow, Australia – April 21, 2015Nextear has announced the world’s smartest wireless earphones are available to pre-order on the company’s IndieGoGo campaign. The campaign is set to raise $20,000, which will go towards funding manufacturing and distribution efforts. Orders are set to ship worldwide to backers in October 2015.

Jonathan Zuvela, the Founder of Nextear, has been searching for a solution to make listening to music easier without the hassle of bulky headphones or tangled wired earphones. This prompted him to team with Target Union Technology Company Limited to help him design and manufacture the Nextear. This is a more than just wireless earphone. It was uniquely designed for comfort and to make the users life easier. Individuals can now charge their phone with the Nextear, along with have access to up to 16 GB of storage and an LED light.

The company is revolutionizing the meaning of earphones and is taking it to the next level. People now have the freedom to listen to great music that is crisp whenever they want and wherever they want with ease. Use it during a run in the park or when studying for an exam. The advanced technology allows for deep base notes and studio quality sounds to enhance the users music experience.

Currently, the wireless earphones can fit all devices Android and iPhone. The Nextear Radar will also be made available, which is a simple way to locate the earbuds from a smartphone if they happen to be lost. All pre-orders will come with the wireless earphones, removable flash drive, and built in male connecting cables to charge all devices with no need to carry bulky cables. There will be small, medium, and large silicone interchangeable ear Rubbers so the device will fit everyone. The accessories kit will come with a cool lanyard and belt clip to hold a mobile device.

To pre-order the Nextear today, please visit IndieGoGo or click here. Backers can get $10 back for every person they refer to buy one, along with a choice between many attractive rewards as appreciation for the donation.

Share the campaign with others who would enjoy these incredible wireless earphones on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. The more awareness brought to Nextear the faster they can reach the goal and bring to the world the innovative earphones.

Watch these videos to see how the Nextear wireless earphones work by clicking here.

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