Star Harvest Jewelry presents its Mother’s Day promotion

Star Harvest Jewelry, one of the leading jewelry manufacturers in China for 925 Sterling silver jewelry and brass jewelry, is planning for its Mother’s Day promotion.

Since its foundation, the filial piety, or in other words as “showing love, care and gratefulness for parents” has always been one of the core points of enterprise culture of Star Harvest Jewelry. The company encourages the spirit of reverse nurture among its employees and appreciates and cherishes all its staffs that take a serious responsibility not only for company duties but also for families. As the annual sales award ceremony is to be held early next month, the company is meant to present a certain sum of money monthly to the award winner’s parents for the whole coming year as a part of the reward for the winner and a respect for his/her parents.

Meanwhile, the company tries hard to probe and understand the similar spirits in other different cultures of the world. As one of the two main moves of the promotion, the company presents some styles of jewelry that mean to arouse the sentiments for parents among its customers, at the same time, creating an effect of agreement between the company and its customers for the coming Mother’s Day. The styles include silver bracelets plated with rhodium and gold with plates of different forms engraved of the word “mom” to remind everyone of his/her best loving mother, pendants, necklaces and rings of silver material with varied forms showing symbols of love and care for family members. Furthermore, lots of other styles that are good for women of the corresponding age are also presented as a part of the promotion. Most of them are the hot-selling silver products that embody perfectly the elegance and beauty of women in different lines of the contemporary age.

More preferential policies regarding prices, MOQ, bonus rebates based on total amount of orders are also coming out on the company’s official wholesale website and its different social net-work platforms such as FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN etc. and it is predicted to start a new round of climax of purchase among all its customers.

As the business is booming everyday that Star Harvest Jewelry is now sketching an even bigger blueprint on its wholesale website in order to further simplify the purchasing process and facilitate its customers’ works. A brand-new layout of the website is about to be online in the coming month, together with some new policies on customer services, membership and bonus rebates. More details will be followed.

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