Focusky, Provider of Free Presentation Maker, Reboots and Comes Back Better than Ever

Innovative Hong Kong IT development firm, Focusky, recently rebooted their product and their online presence and wants to show it off. Focusky is a business development and marketing tool that is used for creating dynamic online presentations.

When the company realized that they were looking at a global product they immediately began the process of revamping their website to appeal to English-speaking audiences who have a propensity to utilize multimedia in customer engagement. Focusky have improved their official website to enhance the overall user experience. Visitors to the website can now learn about the various product features, see fresh and novel examples of the product in use, as well as view video tutorials that help the web visitor navigate the site and engage with it for a more useful interchange.  There is even an online support function so that site visitors can contact Focusky for further help or to ask any additional questions unanswered by the website.

The product being showcased is a free presentation maker that embeds audio and video neatly and effectively into the program, as well as, the ability to import and reimagine old PowerPoint presentations with more dynamic visuals. With dozens of pre-designed templates and themes to choose from, as well as, the ability to share presentations across multiple platforms, Focusky is a great product for businesses owners and entrepreneurs, and with the free version available online, it makes little sense not to try it.

“We know we have a great product,” Jason Chen, President of Focusky, tells us.  “Anyone who tries it will see how remarkable it is and the type of value it can bring to their business.  It’s the next step in presentation technology and everyone wants to lead the pack when it comes to these things.”

In addition to being an amazing presentation maker, Focusky also can convert PowerPoint to video easily so that it can be uploaded and shared on YouTube, and other media outlets. “People ask us, what can you do with the product,” Chen says, “I turn it around and ask them what can’t it do?  Our product offers endless possibilities and potential. We like to call it an accelerant to spark your inspiration.”

Focusky’s base model is free to use and upgrade packages are all reasonably priced for the consumer.

Media Contact
Company Name: Focusky Software Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Lailie Tan
Phone: 86-13119535729
Country: China