Minimalist Woodworking Showcases Bed Options to Maximize Space

Families with limited space need unique sleeping arrangements and loft beds and bunk beds are two options one should consider, reports

According to, 65 percent of remarriages in America involve children from prior marriages. This figure, however, doesn’t include children living in blended families where the parents are cohabitating. Situations such as this often make it difficult for all to find comfortable sleeping arrangements. One may not wish to reserve a bedroom for children who are in the home on a part-time basis, yet must still ensure these children have a bed when they are present. Loft and bunk beds are two options families may wish to consider in this situation. 

“Many beginners to woodworking purchase plans only to find they can’t follow along or the plans are missing basic steps. This is never an issue when one makes use of Minimalist Woodworking (, as the site recommends plans from Ted’s Woodworking. Ted’s Woodworking provides plans that a beginner can use, follow easily and customize to meet their unique needs. One can’t ask for anything more than this,” Chris Harrison, spokesperson for Minimalist Woodworking, explains.

Loft beds provide a sleeping area for individuals while allowing for space under the bed for other furnishings. Space has become a premium in many areas, such as dorm rooms, or in many big cities, including New York City and San Francisco. With a loft bed, one finds they can maximize the space of a small area  and possibly make the loft bed part of the room’s decor. Care must be taken, however, when selecting plans to ensure the bed is sturdy and can hold the weight of a person easily.

Loft beds offer numerous options, Harrison continues. One may add guardrails if the bed is to be used by a child, yet others opt for a bed with no foot board. As the plans seen at Minimalist Woodworking allow for numerous variations, one can easily find a plan which meets their needs in every way. Visit for more options. Consumers love the wide variety of plans to be seen on this site, including those with blended families as they make the most of every available inch of space.

Others find a bunk bed offers a better solution for their unique situation. Bunk beds are often seen in families with multiple children and are a great option for blended families. This option is great for those who wish for their children to share a room so they can bond, and many use it when they feel they need more storage space in an area.

“Check out Minimalist Woodworking to see the numerous bunk bed plans currently offered. Pay a visit to to see this selection. With the many plans offered through the site, individuals find they can make furnishings for every room of the home and their yard also with ease. It’s one site every beginning woodworker should check out,” Harrison announces.

About Minimalist Woodworking:

Edgar, an avid woodworker, established the Minimalist Woodworking site to help others wishing to embark on this hobby. After much trial and error on his part, he found plans that allowed him to create objects that he valued and wished to share with others. Individuals making use of the site find they have the information needed to make this a lifelong hobby, one that can enjoy and expand on their skills with time.

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