Smartroad Tools – Innovative Solution Guards Against Highway Failure

System that detects earth-based structures in danger of failing

April 23, 2015 – Computer specialists in geospatial analysis have developed a technology to protect against disasters caused by collapsing transportation and flood control infrastructure. The solution, called Smartroad ToolsTM, is an advanced system used to warn about potential highway, airport runway, and railway failures. It can also be used to prevent failures in dikes and other safety structures. To gain more exposure and to pay to bring the technology to various conferences around the globe, the creators have launched an IndieGoGo campaign. The goal is to raise $15,000.

Smartroad Tools is a system designed to protect transportation infrastructure. The technology can monitor roads and highways to detect hidden damage that people cannot see with the naked eye. Over time roads, highways, railways, and levees often develop gaps in the underlying earth due to erosion, weather, seismic activity, and other environmental factors. This deterioration is invisible until it is too late. When a collapse happens, it causes expensive damage and transport disruption. Sometimes even human injury or casualties may occur.

This issue is felt all around the world as sinkholes develop, trains derail and explode, and floods destroy towns, industry, and agricultural land. The “smart” material is embedded during construction or reconstruction. Sensors can then quickly check the sub-base on a regular schedule or as needed using image processing and data analysis. The technology can also be used to survey for potential damage before or immediately after super-storms like Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina. Smartroad Tools can even be applied to oil and gas pipelines, mining waste ponds, and high security buildings such as banks or nuclear power plants.

The first prototype has been completed. The invention is ready to be revealed to the world. Smartroad Tools hopes to bring the technology to show in various conferences around the world. But this will only be possible with help from the community! To make a contribution, visit the IndieGoGo campaign by clicking here. Backers can choose from a variety of unique awards as a “thank you” for their support.

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