Wheat Finance Joins Hands with HTICM to Develop Mobile Finance

“9Fbank in the north and wheat finance in the south.” Yesterday, the news of huge financing spread around the Internet Finance world. 9Fbank announced in Beijing that it received $110 million worth of finance. Wheat Finance, another top mobile finance company announced its high finance in Shanghai. The number is yet to be announced because it concerns the share price of Haitong Securities. According to industry sources, Wheat Finance and 9Fbank are of the same amount of financing. Both of them are top investment targets.

The expert estimates that capitals show the direction of market trend. Considering the high finance of 9Fbank and Wheat Finance, mobile finance certainly will be the next opportunity.

In the news conference on April 8th, Huang Darong, Chairman and CEO of Wheat Finance detailed the Mobile Finance Strategy of Wheat Finance.

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Mobile Finance Strategy of Wheat Finance

As her company did not have its own app, Huang Darong once failed to receive 1 billion users from her friend, which made her deeply frustrated. In the financing conference, she officially introduced the Mobile Finance Strategy of Wheat Finance to the public.

Huang Darong believed that mobile finance was an update of Internet finance, which could not be solved by simply developing its APP. Mobile finance was another system independent of network loan system on PC. It was indeed a truly bitter and painful process to transform from PC-based Internet finance to mobile finance.

Fortunately, Wheat Financial made it.

From the beginning, Wheat Finance committed itself to open mobile finance service ecosystem and launched a series of reform in its product system, marketing channel, operating system and technological foundation of each brand. Wheat Finance aimed at achieving the successful transform from traditional finance to Internet finance, and eventually, mobile finance.

Huang Darong said, Wheat Finance had launched two new brands in 2015, named “Mammon Grandpa” and “The Landlord” respectively. Previous business was also transferred to the mobile. At present, Wheat Finance owned several top-quality Internet platforms, including “Nonobank”, a nationally front-runner in cloud technology; “MXD” designed for university students; “The Landlord”, a house property mortgage platform; “Mammon Grandpa”, a salary management tool which allowed people to deposit and withdraw money at any time.

“Mobile finance ushers us into a mobile era, where everyone is We Media”, said Huang Darong. Compared to the big data support, user experience and lower transaction cost of Internet finance, mobile finance contained much more, for instance, gravity sensor, QR code recognition, mobile location-based service. Moreover, new services like mobile shopping, NFC mobile payment, O2O transaction are emerging.

Therefore, she said, Wheat Finance would stick to customer-centric strategy, constantly improve its user experience and develop functional applications and its services.

The financing ceremony of Wheat Finance and HTICM

Joins Hands with HTICM to Develop Mobile Finance

It was undeniable that due to earlier strategic layout of its mobile finance service, Wheat Finance had become the top brand in mobile finance. According to Huang Darong, “The key to cooperation lies in the consensus on mobile strategy between Wheat Finance and HTICM.”

In the news conference, He Wei, Vice President of HTICM, mentioned the five strict standards of choosing companies to invest. One of them went like this, “The qualified ones must independently develop its core system, be of solid and strong platform technology and emphasize on mobile.”

Huang Darong spoke frankly, “The finance capital will be used to strengthen risk control level, recruit talents, develop new business and moreover, advance the company’s Mobile Finance Strategy.”

It was reported that the main four brands of Wheat Finance was constantly updating and accumulating rich experience under the guidance of Mobile Finance Strategy. Upon agreement on mobile strategy, Wheat Finance and HTICM would join hands in technology update and product innovation. Focusing on top-quality assets, both of them would ramp up efforts in mobile strategic investments and build a leading mobile Internet finance service group in China.

Looking back on the past 6 years, “Advocate full transparency of informal finance and higher efficiency of traditional finance,” the dream of Huang Darong was gradually being realized. She hoped that “We can restructure the factors of finance by utilizing mobile network technology and innovative methods. Everyone will have the access to better life with the help of modern finance service.”

If Wheat Finance had its ambition, “It must be, make finance warm and accessible like wheat,” said Huang Darong.

Executives of Wheat Finance

Amy Huang, CEO of Wheat Finance, accepted the interview

Financing conference of Wheat Finance

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