iBOSS launches TV Show, Pitch Perfect to introduce Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups to Money Sources & Industry Professionals

As part of the iBOSS CAB the Pitch Perfect Show helps entrepreneurs and start-ups navigate through the investment capital world.

Pitch Perfect provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs and start-ups to practice their business pitches in front of industry professionals and a camera. The show allows participants an opportunity to gauge the reaction of business professionals as they tell their story. But the exposure isn’t limited to the day of the pitch, as all of the pitches are recorded and streamed on-line. After the show, the video footage is made available in multiple
platforms including YouTube, Public Access Television, and direct marketing channels of participants.

Participants will get a chance to pitch their business ideas, and receive exposure to a host of investor, advisor, and key business professionals. High scoring presenters receive purses full of donated gifts, products and services from advertisers. Judges render ratings after a brief Q&A while sponsors and advertisers deliver business best practices words of wisdom.

Presenters can qualify to be on the show by participating in an iBOSS CAB: Capital Access Blvd event, or by submitting an executive summary and 5-minute video “selfie”.

Attendees at previous iBOSS CAB events have said, “I didn’t realize how in-depth a business plan is” and, “What strikes me the most was the quality of the talent and the information.” More testimonials can be found at http://youtu.be/faaOKCE74nI

iBOSS, Inc. is a company focused on helping to empower entrepreneurs in the process of self-directed capital raising campaigns. The company headed by Lorette Farris Business Strategist & CEO, and Cory Wilburn Implementation Specialist & CTO.

For more information or to register, please go to http://throughthelensofsmallbusiness.com/event-1855333

Media Contact
Company Name: iBOSS, Inc.
Contact Person: Lorette Farris
Email: info@iBOSSinc.com
Phone: 240-645-0993 x112
Country: United States
Website: http://www.ibossinc.com/