Winterflame: The Other Side Seeks Funding on Kickstarter to Raise the Bar for Puzzle-Adventure Games

Go against all odds with Lev, a physically challenged human boy, in this epic puzzle-adventure game.

April 23rd, 2015 – Jakarta, Indonesia – Artoncode has launched the Kicstarter campaign of their upcoming puzzle-adventure game, Winterflame: The Other Side. The campaign will end on May 29th 2015, targeting 68,000 CAD in 39 days. For this project, Artoncode collaborates with the highly-acclaimed Hexany Audio, Mike Raznick, and Sandboxr. 

Check out the Winterflame Kickstarter campaign here:

Fellow humans, get ready for your trip to Winterflame. You will be introduced to a human boy called Lev. He is preparing himself to venture five stunning yet hostile areas, looking for his lost beloved. The areas throw twisted puzzles to drive him out, but Lev has a magic gauntlet with four kinds of magic skills to solve them. The more he explores, the more he will find how complex the combination that the ammos offer. And, through his rise and fall during this emotional journey, he will find his true self. With this, Winterflame aims to raise the bar for puzzle-based adventure games.

Artoncode seeks funding on Kickstarter to bring Winterflame to its fullest potential. They brought Winterflame to GDC last month and attracted world-class studio and composer, Hexany Audio (Disney Infinity, Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse) and Mike Raznick (Tekken Mobile, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty!), to collaborate on the game soundtrack. As for the most tempting physical reward, Artoncode works with Sandboxr to offer Lev 3″ minifigure. 

On April 21st 2015, Artoncode held a casual dinner, inviting their close friends to celebrate the launch of Winterflame Kickstarter campaign. The attendees came from those involved in the game industry and other professions.The event has drawn a lot of positive feedback and has successfully gathered 6,700 CAD as a token of trust and supports from the backers for this promising project.

Winterflame: The Other Side is created based on an award-winning fantasy novel, Vandaria Saga: Winterflame. Even in its early stage of development, Winterflame: The Other Side has won as the Most Promising Game in Indonesia Game Show 2014.  The game is designed for PC and is projected to be released on April 2016. 





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