Cooperation between Wheat Finance and HTICM Reveals Mobile Internet Layout

As the spirit of the Internet including openness, equality, cooperation and sharing permeates into the traditional financial industry, Internet-based finance is playing an increasingly important role in China’s financial market. When it comes to the development of the Internet-based finance, it is necessary to mention Shanghai Wheat Financial Services Group (hereinafter referred to as Wheat Finance). Wheat Finance  is one of the leaders in China’s mobile Internet-based financial services. It contains several wholly-owned subsidiaries such as Shanghai Nonobank Finance Information Co., Ltd, MXD (Shanghai) Financial Technology Co., Ltd, The Landlord (Shanghai) Financial Technology Co., Ltd, Mammon Grandpa (Shanghai) Financial Technology Co., Ltd, etc. Wheat Finance, focusing on high quality assets, is a comprehensive Internet-based financial services group that provides individuals and enterprises with all-round assets management services including wealth management, share investment, and investment and financial consulting services.

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Mobile Finance Strategy of Wheat Finance

As a new member of the Internet-based financial industry that rose swiftly to prominence, Wheat Financial has never stopped its efforts to advance. On April 8th, the press conference on the A round funding by Haitong Innovation Capital Management Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as HTICM) for Wheat Finance was formally held at the Shanghai Grand Hyatt Hotel. The conference took the theme: Outwitting the Future of Finance. According to Wheat Finance, it has secured HTICM’s A round funding. HTICM belongs to Haitong Securities, one of the first established security companies in China, which enjoys remarkable advantages in customer resources and capital. The cooperation between Wheat Finance and HTICM registered the start of the mobile Internet layout and indicated that the two companies would release the vigor of the Internet financial platform in aspects such as technology, data and innovation.

It is reported that Wheat Finance has rolled out six special offers to celebrate the smooth funding and reward its customers as well:

1. Cash coupons worth 100 yuan upon registration: from April 8th to May 8th, new customers will get a 100-yuan cash coupon upon registration. The duration is 6-24 months. The minimum initial investment amount: 2,000 yuan. (Note: it shall not be used in conjunction with the 16% annualized return program.)

2. Doubled return program for new customers: the doubled return program is available for customers who have never invested in the selection program (Jing Xuan). The duration lasts three months. At the end, the investor will obtain twice the amount of the expected 8% annualized return. The upper limit of the investment amount is ten thousand yuan. The selection program of doubled return targets at new customers only. It is quite attractive since it promises a considerable amount of return.

3. An additional 2% return for Nonobank’s selection program: from April 8th to April 15th, anyone that buys the standard selection program will enjoy an additional 2% return. Plus the additional return, the expected annualized return amounts to 10% for 3-month term investment, 12% for 6-month term investment, 14% for 12-month term investment, and 16% for 24-month term investment.

4. Return of The Landlord’s products increasing to 13%: the expected annualized return of DFD’s products increased to 13%. The duration lasts 10 months. The Landlord takes high quality houses that are inflation-proof and possible to appreciate as collateral and send professional teams to conduct field research on the houses.

5. Fortune Mammon Grandpa’s rewards: each new customer will get an amount of experience money worth 1,000 yuan upon registration; he/she will get another 1,000 yuan by inviting someone else to register and so on; the upper limit is 10 people (No limit to the number of people if his/her friends participate in the investment).

6. Red envelope rain: the customer will get a reward equivalent to 1% of his/her investment amount if he/she registers and finishes investment before May 8th. At the meantime, if he/she sends a free red envelope to his/her friend on Wechat between April 9th to May 8th, the receiver then will be rewarded an additional random amount of money (12-28 yuan). This rule applies to Wechat only. Besides, the customer will get a cash reward equivalent to 0.5% of the annualized investment amount if his/her friend makes investment.

What’s your option facing Wheat Finance’s six special offers? For newly registered customers, the selection program of doubled return for new customers is certainly your first choice. If you have over ten thousand yuan at hand and still have surplus after investing in the selection program of doubled return, you might buy the standard selection program and The Landlord’s products to gain extra return. Besides, new customers could also use the 1,000 yuan experience money and the 100 yuan cash coupon in combination. As for the old customers, except receiving the 1% reward, don’t forget to get the random red envelope by taking part in the red envelope rain activity. By the way, you can invite friends to participate and get the 1,000 yuan experience money. If the friend you invite makes investment, you will get 0.5% of the annualized investment amount, which is also a good reward.

As each of the six special offers has its respective advantage, customers surely could choose the best investment plan based on your capital to maximize your return. Meanwhile, the cooperation with HTICM has brought a huge amount of investment to Wheat Finance and will thus boost its progress towards the pilot in the Internet-based financial industry.

The financing ceremony of Wheat Finance and HTICM

Executives of Wheat Finance

Amy Huang, CEO of Wheat Finance, accepted the interview

Financing conference of Wheat Finance

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